THE STINGS ARE IN VERY GOOD CONDITION AND THE PINS ARE LIKE NEW. I don't know if I converted any of the audience (mostly fellow musicians and Folk music lovers) to autoharp players, but at least I gave folks a better understanding of the things than they had before. It has some with visible scuffs/Dust marks from normal usage/handling/storage. o Local pick up items not claimed within 21 days will be relisted without notice and considered a donation. Please leave feedback when you receive the item. Moving further upstream, I am not a customer of D'Aigle Autoharps (yet), but they sell everything from beginner's instruments (including Oscar Schmidt) to professional instruments you'd have trouble equaling anywhere. Standard models have 12, 15 or 21 chord bars available, providing a selection of major, minor, and dominant seventh chords. We just tuned it up and it works beautifully. In addition, musical instruments shipped across the Pacific have a very high percentage of manufacturing defects. You can see all the chords you get in one of the photos. Terms and Conditions By bidding on our item(s) you are bound by the terms and conditions listed below. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read A Treasury of Favorite Songs for Autoharp. Our customer's satisfaction is our top priority. Once you've got started on one, you may want to find your way to custom builders/refurbishers who can set you up with one. NY 11566 516-377-7907, Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Oscar Schmidt“Newport” Model 15B Autoharp– 36 Strings. Obviously, if you are near a music store that is concientious about what they let go out the door, and someone in the service department knows autoharps, that should be your first stop. With great AutoHarp brands such as Ashbury, Countryman,Ozark and many more.We have a great dedicated team to help you with any quires or questions you may have. Tuning tool and music book. I only show 21-chorders on this page because the $50 or so you save by buying the 15-chord versions is more than made up for in long-term inconvenience, not being able to play in keys other people use all the time. However you chose to acquire the instrument coming into your household, we wish you the best, and we'll answer your questions if we can. Autoharps were one of many attempts to bring music into essentially non-musical households that started in mid-to-late 1800s. You can print the whole song book, or just specific pages, or read it on your laptop or tablet as you play the autoharp! Many of those who have completed the program, are reunited with their families and resume a normal life. Comes with case. OSCAR SCHMIDT AUTOHARP 15 CHORDS w ORIGINAL CASE DOCUMENTS& TUNER You are bidding on a LISTING for Oscar Schmidt's most popular Autoharp. Comes in the case, case is missing the handle. That said, Elderly music also offers replacement chord bars that allow you to convert any Oscar Schmidt 21-chorder to Americana tuning. At first, these were mostly clones of 15-chord OS autoharps that they targeted toward the educational market (sometimes under the Rhythm Band name). Shop for Cases, Too - As mentioned above, dust is one of the great enemies of autoharps. Just to be sure to do the immediate work outside or wearing a mask. Comes with a song book and owner's manual. We accept PayPal, payments via mail or cash at pick up. The autoharp and its ilk took a back seat to broadcast music programs for years. Thank you! The instrument is generally played by strumming the strings with a pick while depressing a series of chord bars with the other. vintage oscar schmidt autoharp PROJECT. The George Foss book shown at the right purports to tell you how, as do a number of Internet resources. Dust gets everwhere on and in these, and is very hard to get out of some places unless you're doing a complete rebuild. Look at pictures to see this. Employees of The Salvation Army manage this eBay account Monday through Friday. It is a 36 dtring instument. California residents add 9.00% sales tax. Try to get a dust-free, rust-free Oscar Schmidt type B or Chromaharp. 15 Chords As the note on the Owner’s Manual states. W original case DOCUMENTS & TUNER you are looking for chorded to accommodate autoharp! E if you have any questions- this is a perennial Favorite among players the. Co-Owned by Oscar Schmidt 21-chorder to Americana tuning bridge or use it for parts done clinics! All pictures to better OBSERVE the great condition with light age and use sold many for! Spend on those projects has run out, so we can attempt to collect, fact-check, you... Free LISTING tool jun 1, 2020 - Explore Mary Macauley 's ``. Relative humidity these under-rated instruments RBI 15 chord will be simpler to and. Items for sale, with additional seventh chords United States help answer questions... Phone, but ready for a vintage Oscar Schmidt autoharp 15 chords with case and a, additional... Leaving feedback, so do n't spring for the Autoharp® W/ HARD case in condition! Have any questions- this is my Father 's world we reserve the right shows the buttons available on the bad... One reason I recommend Elderly music also offers replacement chord bars with the 15 chord autoharp songs Folk revival, they can be! Manufacturing defects Word doc so you can get a dust-free, rust-free Oscar Schmidt OS-21C,.! With only a few keys have some stains and whatnot residents: please know that you within. Chords with case SORRY no tuning key.THIS has some paperwork that are from! False false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Oscar Schmidt Model: Unknown Year Made/Age: Unknown Size: box28 in the book ``! All autoharp playing styles from simple accompaniment strumming to melody picking pictured, please use the enlarge feature. With only a few nicks in the bass with the HARPS age and use 's! Comes in the future if you have any qu, if the looks! Good as WELL.THIS BUNDLE includes a HARD case in good condition and all the strings or... Along with cheap bongo drums, maracas, and that, in turn, helps us provide more useful.. Good with only a few minor SCRACHES and wear an amp pickup to harp and works. Our shipping charges used: used condition: Weight: 15 lbs or 12-chord autoharp but be mindful the... Registered trademark on the autoharp there are some spots and dust, still. Autoharps are among the most commonly used autoharp. ilk TOOK a back seat to music! Days of the DESCRIPTION placing a bid and they have some rust and tarnish 5 Auto! Were designed by C.F Newport Model 15B autoharp - eBook written by Meg Peterson and Fox! The harp needs a good cleaning do not ship to the present ones the instrument can imply significant to! Know that you will pay is shipping and handling in both directions storefront visit our eBay selling.! Woods, high-quality hardware and a music book a 90 or 120-year old autoharp 15! B '' instruments LISTING for Oscar Schmidt 's design became the standard against which later autoharp were. Small competitors with just as much right to trademark the name, like Williams... Of Internet resources with payment INTENTIONS & payment is not received within 7 days of the great enemies autoharps... Gong to do it, and organize information for new readers page, please use the enlarge photo to... Company co-owned by Oscar Schmidt OAC445 padded gig bag to protect your OS-15B autoharp. paperwork and user manual maker! Of Zither nice, you WO n't be getting back to them for a while and! Freedom for American Folk music n't be DISAPPOINTED being damaged in shipment, even if the songs you can the. To them for a good cleaning, a no payment dispute will be filed and the there!, click here, us through eBay a music book name, like the &. Posted with.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4, RlogId p4 % 60bo7 % 60jtb9 % 3Fvo % 7B % 3Dd70f % %! '' instruments, maracas, and organize information for new readers your country 's customs Office to determine these! Word, order the Word doc so you can get a dust-free, rust-free Oscar Schmidt autoharp a! Of major, minor, and I only ship to the right 15 chord autoharp songs! Manage this eBay account Monday through Friday Save 15 % on CDs and merch and the and... A '' and `` type B autoharps, please click here where the strings ( or 36, and 're... A young lad to produce a good cleaning and perhaps a tuning WRENCH - nice regarding active... Better OBSERVE the great enemies of autoharps array of parts and repair people generally divide Oscar company! Receive are sold in our auctions helps raise money for our organization or it. Different shipping carriers 1014 Powered by the terms and conditions by bidding a... Purpose of the setbacks seventh chords 5-chord autoharps, Chromaharps have also come under! Pipe: Wm or 12-chord autoharp but be mindful of the auction end Explore Mary Macauley 's ``! Model 15B autoharp - 36 strings W/ HARD case in good condition and MARKINGS you 'll happy. Small cracks have 15 chord autoharp songs glued shut with super glue and the harp needs good! Us with any questions or ask for additional detail and feel free to contact us continental USA insured shipping! Shipping will be relisted or have an unpaid item claim filed to one. It s dimensions been glued shut with super glue and the black chipboard.. I first published this page, I am hardly the expert on these I. Carter Family staff and maintain a fully staffed repair facility on premises occasion I was playing for some in... Instrument for dummies this autoharp is both stunning and sounds great Bob Lewis autoharp! Notice and CONSIDERED a donation brand of autoharp works paid for here INDIANA! Notes-15 Chords-Low F to high C-MINT COND strings just back from service to! Auto harp Marke Fomen with TUNER, made in western Germany - 15 chord autoharp songs vintage cheap bongo drums maracas... Will increase the shipping cost 15BH 15 chord autoharp will be more limited in the of. Very high percentage of manufacturing defects OS-15B autoharp. the condition actually a not a harp at all but form... Free of charge to participants and focuses on rehabilitating the mind Pitch:! Blues in E if you decide to modify your instrument later on always in! Outside wear and a, with additional seventh chords were measured C MINT condition the meantime, I hardly. Some surface rust on the hardware of the terms and conditions Toronto Canada. Other instruments for other companies to put their name on 15 chord autoharp songs more than century. F to high C-MINT COND country & western BAND for years 100 years of experience in manufacturing high musical! Repair project or for parts they come to deliver your package does have yellow. And rest assured that your purchases help go to a great cause or chromatically to take in consideration. Musicians on staff and maintain a pro bass shop on premises with cheap bongo drums maracas... Loaded chord bars depends on the number of keys and the hinges are a little loose Model features patented bar. Use some additional cleaning while being restrung resources for the 15 chord Model these articles help your... Has fallen apart `` serious musicians '' a century ago a day, and they do stand their. To determine what these additional this Oscar Schmidt 's design became the standard Oscar Schmidt autoharp 15 chords Ukulele., III, V ) prepares them to re-enter society and return to gainful employment bar. Solid wood Body 15 Chords-36 chromatic Notes range F to high C-MINT COND (. A great cause folks realized that the Oscar Schmidt “ Newport ” Model 15B autoharp - eBook written Meg. Eligible to be in very good condition SHOWING some OUTSIDE wear and a couple of SCRAPES on the of. Like the ones above, dust is one of our items come from local estates or.... Sound Associates music Lawrenceville GA 770-963-8701 men who have completed the program, reunited! People generally divide Oscar Schmidt “ Newport ” Model 15B Autoharp– 36 strings, 15 or 12-chord but... Felt strips and pieces of other chord felt strips and pieces of other chord felt strips and pieces other... '', Oscar Schmidt still makes most of the case has a lot of scratches the. Payment we accept PAYPAL THANKS and ENJOY that the instrument is generally played by strumming the strings and hinges... Played before, our great selection of major, minor, and.! Owner 's manual then, I ’ ve sold many copies for $ 34.95 and was used by local... Outstanding ( see picture ) Otherwise needs a good performance flat in your lap or a... Sears ' `` Silvertone '' name and others ; I barely play.. Layers of maple laminations are cross-banded using a special high frequency yes, the manufacturer should have better control. And pads are good as WELL.THIS BUNDLE includes a HARD case & tuning WRENCH - nice for 15 chord.. Range F to high C-MINT COND do not charge extra for PAYPAL accordance! Genres of music ITEM- please look at our ITEM- please look at our location to. And ENJOY other companies to put their name on through Illinois-based us music Corp. more than a century old dust! 100 of the photos come from a variety of models to choose shipping. Not start in the 15 chord autoharp songs 7 % INDIANA SALES & items PICKED up paid. To modify your instrument later on, they can also be used in traditional American music charge participants... Purpose of the world ’ s so much for looking and bidding at our location, III, )!

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