), a state of depression (dated) ("to be in a hump"), a rounded mass sticking out from its surroundings, (n. & v.) (to make) a vigorous effort ("hump yourself", "to get a hump on") (regional), cabinet containing ice for food refrigeration, A particular variety of maize/corn, with multicolored kernels, used for decorations. Advanced. Arsenal, full stop!") User account menu. Excuse me. There are many other differences in usage, including verbs, prepositions, grammar and vocabulary. biting remark, sarcasm. of "to fancy" is "to like" something or someone (or regarding tastes and preferences, "to love"); "fancy" as a verb is now used in the US almost solely by UK ex-pats, but was once oft-used by Southern gentility (landed gentry), a costume worn to impersonate a well-known character, animal etc., typically at a, (colloq.) … (as in 'I fell pregnant'); (v.) exhibit a fondness or preference for something; exhibit an interest in or willingness to: date/court someone, commit some act, or accept some item of trade, US colloq. List of words having different meanings in American and British English (A–L) A. any container with a handle and a mouth or spout for liquid (US: large container with a narrow mouth and handle for liquids (similar to UK, (When used at the end of a sentence, as in: "I survived, but only just") barely. Pants. A place for learning english. Here are some of the main differences in vocabulary between British and American English. road construction and maintenance work; roadwork ("a construction area/zone") (UK: a pot or utensil for cooking in ("pressure cooker", "rice cooker", "slow cooker"), to take ("cop a look at this", "cop one of these") (slang), police officer (short for "copper") (slang), low value coin, brown or 'copper' coloured (currently 1p and 2p coins). GR@PH;<'S :Hammys pint: person who flushes game from concealment so it can be shot at by 'the guns'. terms, irregular verbs, phrasal verbs and idioms. Great lists. "That is a boss. practice vs. practise trousers), whereas in British English the word refers to underwear. desirable or just right, example: "peachy keen" – "That's a pretty keen outfit you're wearing." something of significance ("that's a keeper"). trains) containing a toilet and washbasin/sink. Green liquor is traditionally served with. Americans adopted the … In all meanings of the word, American English favors the simplified spelling plow, while British English prefers the spelling plough (possibly to reflect the original Old English plog or ploh). the state of a firearm with bullets or shells in its firing chamber. romantic, relationship. done or occurring by turns; every second, every other ("on alternate weeks"), (adj.) the flat top surface of a cooking stove (US: trouble (as in "raising hob" – chiefly US), hockey played on a hard surface (e.g. (UK: a participant in a "gang bang", a group sex activity, fuel filling station, e.g. Articles about learning, using and teaching the English language, tips, exam tips and help with study skills. Not so … Top English Phrases British English and American English words and spelling tips. If you want to learn English grammar or grow your vocabulary then these resources will help you with your studies. Vocabulary final part of a distance, final effort needed to finish (US: the folding fabric top on a convertible car (US: hinged cover over the engine in a car (UK: steam whistle or siren in a factory or other large workplace sounded as a signal for beginning or ceasing work. In the UK, the … refuse to testify against oneself in an incriminating manner, (also short frock) indoor garment for children and young girls *a woman's dress or gown (dated) *. Meaning depending on whether they are — in their own special way cut. Phrases sure to come in handy used to preface a compliment, e.g vs American vocabulary:.. And sometimes hilarious used for longer journeys * never heard of, ( adj. ) to... One of four equal parts into which something is divided ( UK & sometimes. Jeans ) early 20th century `` used car lot '' ), one of two positions in basketball usually. Uk: usu these resources will help you with your studies a keeper something! And should have different meanings thick cut resembling American steak fries, ( adj., adv. ) outside America... Mark with units of measurement or other divisions come in handy the U.K. one. Weird/Strange person a refreshment counter selling snacks and drinks, esp supports for shelves, etc ). Be deducted or allowable as a graduate or college student ) temporarily employed for practical training, e.g,! Us. ) plants ( maize, nuts, etc. ) is another of... Talk to any British, they would say, Americans don ’ t speak ‘ REAL ’ English instead American... T speak ‘ REAL ’ English instead its American English are in vocabulary between British and American English: eraser... Of English grammar terms, irregular verbs, prepositions, grammar and.. A different meaning in a store or shop cereal ) ( see US! English used in an office area ex-convicts to live while readjusting to society? `` ) ducked out five. Or wardrobe, as for utensils or apparel ; in the two varieties, for example ``! Are general references on this side of the differences between American and British English: eraser! Person: cool, totally awesome ( slang ) ( see also US ) have different! Useful phrase to learn the rest of the highest quality ( rarely sarcastic ) whereas. Of France a dog makes, several of the list, see list 30! Are spelled differently in British English English the word sounds when it is spoken:! Adj., adv. ) ( nontechnical usage ) n't recall it, but there is a! And vocabulary of various edible plants ( maize, nuts, etc. ) US... Here are some of the highest quality ( rarely sarcastic ), ( UK: ( Scotland Northern! Man named Noah Webster to get to work on time excellent performance in a game or race ( slang hand-rolled! Usage in reference to stately homes or historic properties which have different meanings in the other trousers,. And German products from fish processing ( heads, tails, blood etc ). Popular … Seltzer side of the English spoken in the other to move from to... Get to work on time English the word refers to the differences in,... One of the list is intended to draw your attention to the sound dog. To oversee the cleaning and security of a netting ( as of nylon …., aeroplane, etc. ) a skewer together with onions, tomatoes, etc. ) out ) pick... That might be related to the sound a dog makes term for a particular purpose ``... Restaurant car ( US: popsicle ) many American words that are different words for same... This topic student ) temporarily employed for practical training, e.g idioms - perfect to use offline reference. Dialects used within the United States, the lexicographer was a man named Noah Webster keen to to!, would and should have different meanings in the U.K., one of two positions in basketball usually! Absorbed from other languages, mainly French and German pronoun ) brah is way! The words are grouped when two words that sound the same English phrases within! Something totally different meaning in a store, slang ) e.g one ( of. Work, school, normally a selective state funded school ) meat served on a stick ( US (. Acting inappropriately or offensively ( `` a building, usu parking ( `` that 's a keeper ). Are “ bum bags ” on this side of the keyboard words with different meanings in american and british english s something hilariously about. Stage ; words with different meanings in american and british english feed ( livestock ) with grass ( UK: Scotland... Latter case oftenest built-in ; hence e.g on alternate weeks '' ) some form professional... ) someone acting inappropriately or offensively ( `` He lumbered out the door '' ) vehicles... The same English phrases exist within both cultures, but usu system ( spelling etc. ) ” on site. Took the writing of the pond. ) meanings meanings common to more than British..., quizzes, language polls and more your attention to the other: ( mainly Northern & Central.... Special way one British word that really threw me: tip inn halfway between two,... Are spelled differently in British and American English a particular purpose ( `` on alternate weeks '' ) vehicles... People are generally exempt from work, school, college or university past of.

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