Plant database entry for Celosia (Celosia argentea Intenz™ Dark Purple) with one image and 33 data details. Celosia Intenz continues to bloom throughout the summer and fall… making it the pefect plant … Question: My wheat celosia has never thrived since being planted in a container after purchase, why? The leaves are arranged alternately and light green in colour but darker on flowering shoots. It is not uncommon for celosia to flower prematurely in the plug tray or shortly after transplanting from the environment or culture during plug production. Celosia is native to North Africa. If your soil has a lot of clay in it, consider adding compost to it to provide nutrients and drainage. Celosia cristata is often referred to as "cockscomb" because of its resemblance to a rooster's comb. Be sure to grow your plants where they will get full sun which means a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sunlight every day. There are two types of celosia that are commonly known in horticultural circles: plumed types produce feathery plumes above the plants (C. argentea plumosa; 40.5M seeds/oz); and cockscomb types that have crested flower heads with wavy combs (C. argentea cristata; 30 to 40.5M seeds/oz). This is another reason why they make good container plants. Sow the seeds 6 to 8 weeks before your last frost in the containers and barely cover them. I like to use them in borders, but they also work great as a container plant. Celosia argentea (Var.) Use a heat mat to keep the soil at 70⁰F to 75⁰F. One of my favorites in recent years is Dragon’s Breath Celosia. Caren White (author) on February 27, 2019: So glad that you enjoyed it, Eman. Genus Celosia can be annuals, perennials or shrubs, with simple or lobed, alternate leaves and tiny, brightly coloured flowers in large, plume-like inflorescences. Try moving your container to a sunnier location. Planted by itself in a container, you get that huge pop of color, but it also works well paired with other sun-loving plants. It is propagated by seeds which are very small. Seeds germinate in ten days at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Inflorescences may be cristate, fan-shaped, or brain coral-shaped and red, yellow, or pink in color for cultivated Cover the "Red Velvet" celosia seeds with a 1/8-inch-thick layer of soil. C. cristata is my personal favorite. Cut the stalks off at soil level or as close to the ground as you can get. Just be aware that most celosias are hybrids so the resulting plants will not look like the parents. I know of no one that has tried it. The plants are very beautiful and attractive. C. Spicata have flowers that resemble wheat. Celosia argentea ‘Temple Belle New Scarlet’ is a Cristata group celosia. For the best growth and the most and brightest blooms, full sun is best. Celosia needs full sun, which is a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sunlight each day. Hi Katrina-The Celosia Intenz is propagated by seed. Propagate by seeds. Propagation: Start celosia seeds indoors six to eight weeks before outdoor planting time. Germination should take place within 5 - 7 days. Sunlight will fade your flowers. Native to the tropical Americas, C. argentea L. (Amaranthaceae) produces a dense spike that is silvery in color. Ethnobotanical Uses: Edible Plant Parts (Edible Leaves, Edible Flowers) Food … How Long Does It Take for Celosia Seeds to Germinate? Water them well when you plant them, but afterwards as long as your area is not experiencing an unusual drought, you will not need to water your plants. Though … Attics are good if they have good air circulation. The brilliant orange, red, yellow and purple hues and unusual flowers make celosia (Celosia argentea) a striking addition to the flower garden. It is characterized by its brightly coloured flowers in red or purple. Celosia is hardy in zones 10 and 11 which are tropical. Edible Celosia. Posted by BookerC1 (Mackinaw, IL - Zone 5a) on Nov 2, 2011 8:08 AM. Pronunciation of Celosia argentea cristata with 1 audio pronunciation, 3 synonyms, 1 translation and more for Celosia argentea cristata. Most gardeners purchase seeds so that they get the exact celosia flower form and color that they want. My guess is that it is not getting enough sunlight. And they are fun to grow because of their unusual flower shapes. Answer: Yes, if you allow the flowers to die and go to seed, you can harvest that seed or let it fall naturally into your garden and they will germinate the following spring. You can add some time release fertilizer when you first plant them. There are many species of celosia, but the most common one grown in our gardens is Celosia argentea. The leaves are mid-green; the silvery white flowers appear in summer in dense, erect, pointed spikes with a silvery sheen. Individuals should be spaced about 0.3 m apart. I provided artificial light, and kept the lights just an inch above the seedlings, so they stayed strong and stocky, instead of getting leggy. It doesn’t like having its roots disturbed. This species should be planted in fertile, well-drained soil supplemented with compost. Cockscomb plant also called as Celosia cristata and its scientific name Celosia argentea var. If so, this is a case of natural genetic engineering. The soil will need to be kept consistently moist, which is best achieved with a daily water spray. How to Grow Celosia Plants Get the seeds from a nursery or online. ‘Pink Candle’ (Celosia argentea cristata) This wheat celosia has clusters blooms on long stems that make it a good cut flower that can be dried, too. The NEW Sol™ Collection is a fantastic new foliage celosia with relatively fast production time and no downy mildew issues. Its flower resemblance to rooster head for which it is termed as Cockscomb. C. cristata when heavily rippled looks like a brain. The seeds are extremely small, up to 43,000 seeds per ounce. The flowers come in many bright colors, are easy to dry and retain their colors for months. Celosia Species: argentea Family: Amaranthaceae Life Cycle: Annual Recommended Propagation Strategy: Seed Country Or Region Of Origin: Tropical Africa Wildlife Value: Attract Butterflys Edibility: Leaves, Young Shoots and Oil from Seeds Dimensions: Height: 0 ft. 9 in. Many garden selections are closely related to C. argentea Details 'Flamingo Feather' is an upright plant with fresh green foliage. Celosia is easy to grow outdoors in USDA hardiness zones 2 through 11 as long as you provide ample sunlight. Celosia is harvested at the fully open stage so that they are at their most colorful. Eman Abdallah Kamel from Egypt on February 27, 2019: This article is very useful and also filled with valuable information. Low maintenance and propagate by seeds.A popular ornamental plant displayed during Lunar New Year in Singapore due to bright red and yellow flowers deemed auspicious by the Chinese. Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on February 27, 2019: Being in Zone 5, we don't have these around too often. Raised beds are also a good option. cristata (L.) Kuntze is a cultivated annual that has become an economically important floral crop. Keep the soil moist and place the pot in bright light. Celosia argentea - Celosia cristata - Celosia pyramidalis. Germination should occur within 1 to 2 weeks. C. plumosa flowers are bushy and look like flames. You may feel reluctant about cutting the blooms off of this beautiful plant, but it will continue producing blooms and the plant will grow larger throughout the fall season. Below are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way since I’ve incorporated this stunning plant into my fall garden. The seeds will begin to germinate within 1 to 2 weeks when the soil reaches 60⁰F. Learn more about Dragon’s Breath Celosia by watching the video below! You can direct sow the seed, barely covering it, in your garden after your last frost. I'm not sure if you could get cuttings of this plant to root before the soft stems rot or dry out. If kept as a houseplant, place your Cockscomb plant … Celosia is an annual flower that is related to amaranth. No matter which variety you are growing, you treat the seed the same way. A pollinator-magnet, Celosia argentea (Spicata Group) 'Flamingo Feather' (Silver Cockscomb) is an upright tender perennial, usually grown as an annual, noted for its plume-like rose-pink inflorescences fading to silver, giving an interesting two-tone effect. Lightly mist the soil to settle it, then pat the surface to increase contact between the soil and seeds. Celosia argentea var. Celosia argentea var. plumosa in the horticultural trade. Do not cover the seed, as it needs light for germination. This is the preferred method because celosia does not transplant well. Be the first to have exclusive content and access to our events, P. Allen Smith Fine Gardens & Landscapes (external site), Oliver-Smith Community Conservation Design + Development (external site), Allen's Heritage Poultry Conservancy (external site), Allen's TEDx--Saving a Hungry Planet (external site), Allen's Learn + Grow Corner of the Internet, Allen's Go-To Plant Provider -- Gilbert H. Wild & Son (external site), Allen's #PlantForVictory - Hope & Wellbeing during COVID-19 Project, Weddings at Moss Mountain Farm (external site), Arkansas Holiday Attractions You Won’t Want to Miss, P. Allen Smith Fine Garden and Landscape Design, P. Allen Smith Conservation Community Design + Development. Celosia argentea is a tender annual that is often grown in gardens. Propagation Seed - sow in situ. It blooms in mid-spring to summer. wide Hardiness Cold hardy in USDA zones 10 to 11 She has been associated with Rutgers Gardens for over a decade. Dragon’s Breath can take the heat and is incredibly low-maintenance, which is perfect for my zone 8 garden. - 3 ft. 0 in. Our Celosia Act series is market leader in the Netherlands. The leaves and young shoots are cooked and use… It’s akin to cockscomb, but what’s so unique about this particular variety of celosia is that it features both fiery red plumes as well as beautiful red foliage. It is also called “cockscomb” because the flowers have intricate folds that look like a cockscomb. Width: 0 ft. 9 in. Celosia flowers should be harvested for drying when they are fully open unlike most dried flowers which are harvested when they are only partially open. They are drought tolerant. The plumosa and cristatas are shorter and stockier, closer to 12 to 18 inches, making them excellent candidates for container plantings. Common cockscomb is an important and nutritious vegetable. Celosia requires warm soil to germinate, so use a heating pad or supply bottom heat if possible. Type Tender perennial (usually grown as an annual) Blooms Silvery white to pink wheat blooms from early summer to frost Light Full sun Soil Well-drained Size 24 to 36 in. It was very easy to start indoors, with good germination. Not only does Dragon’s Breath brighten up the garden, it also makes an unusual and interesting cut flower. It likes full sun, meaning at least six hours of direct sun per day. Hang the bunches upside down somewhere that is warm, dry, has good air circulation and is dark. The exotic brightness of the flowers appeals to consumers worldwide. Plug crops are usually between four and five weeks. cristata (Amaranthaceae) is a widely cultivated ornamental plant, which has antibacterial, astringent, haemostatic, hypertensive, ophthalmic, and parasitic significance. I first planted this variety of Celosia from seed 5 years ago. Caren White is a Master Gardener and instructor at Home Gardeners School. Whole Plant Traits: Plant Type: Annual Celosia blooms for up to 10 weeks, and it will live until the first frost when it can be cut and dried. Question: Do Celosia seeds come from the flowers? They also need well-drained soil because they are subject to root rot. Either the plant gets slowly taller, hiding the faded blooms, or the flower clusters are indeterminate, constantly sprouting new blooms at the tip and on the outside, thus hiding the dead flowers inside the cluster from view. Celosia seeds germinate within six to 14 days. You don’t have to worry about keeping your container watered because of their drought tolerance. Creating the Right Environment Plant or pot your celosia in soil with excellent drainage. The rest of us grow them as annuals. The plants flower in reds, yellows, oranges and purples. Remove all of the leaves. Due to versatile flower colors, the plants has a great economic value as a cut flower through-out the world. Otherwise, the flowers will get moldy rather than drying. I’m always looking for plants that can provide interesting color in both the garden and home, particularly during the fall. Seeds are readily available as are small plants in most nurseries and garden centers.

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