Accept Read More. It is no surprise that every woman or man wants to have good fertility. It’s NOT the same as scent leaf (Efinrin/ Nchuawun). The uziza leaves are pale green when fresh and turn to be darker when dried. It’s got a tough (hard) papery glossy texture and is somehow tasteless without any distinctive smell. In fact, he also helped out with the local names while I jotted down excitedly…lol! please i need yoruba name for cayenne peper, The 2nd picture is called kerenkere in igbo. tx, Hi, good work here. Source. You could take a bus going to Iba Estate. In the local market especially with the Hausa vendors, mint is known as ” Na’a naa “. If you also know the uses, please add. Would look into it. Ayurveda (ancient Hindu system of healing) use the leaves for pain, piles, and tumours. Kitchen Appliances & Utensils – Where to buy, Where to buy foreign fruits and vegetables in Nigeria, Types of leafy vegetables found in Nigeria. The red flowers are used to make our popular zobo drink. That is Bitter leaf (vernonia amygdalina), i could link you to a supplier if interested. Pls watz d local name for horseradish and wia can it b bought? Glad you found it useful. please e-mail me at Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It has preservative and antioxidant properties. I am looking for the igbo name of 'Bay Leaf' Its uses for food and medicine and how to identify it. Checked it out on the web and the plant (Ocimum Viride) is not Efinrin. You are so right Anon! The plant belongs to the family of Asclepiadaceae and mainly grows in tropical forests in the west of Africa, including Nigeria. Finally a complied list, i love basil leaves….and i drink Utazi juice once in a while* it's soooo bitter but good*The Beautiful Eagle's Blog, Nice work sis, except that the one labelled bitter leaf doesn't look like it. In stock. It’s a good source of fibre, low in calories but high in vitamins. English Name: False cubeb leaves (The seeds from the plant is known as mkpuru uziza (uziza seeds) ) Local Name: Uziza leaves/ Ashanti pepper leaves/ Benin pepper leaves/ Guinea cubeb leaves Botanical Name: Piper guineense The term Uziza refers to the dried fruit of the West African deciduous shrub Zanthoxylum tessmannii, syn. How can you get the seeds out side of Nigeria? Thanks Dobby you have made it a lot easier, nice job. Where can one get fresh ZOBO leave in NIGERIA especially Lagos? It starts to yield or to produce eatable leaves from one year. Source indigenous leafy vegetables and herbs Nigeria. Consuming the plant in large frequencies may potentially be poisonous.S. The leaves, which have a peppery taste, are pale green when fresh, and darker green when frozen, dried, or ground and dried. I just called Alhaji and will get it this afternoon, It's A very nice post If you have friends with diabetes, prediabetes or insulin resistance, who really need to get the treatments of diabetes. The soup is a delicacy that can be eaten with fufu (cassava/plantain flour), eba (cassava flakes) Pounded yam or amala (yam flour). I guess ewedu soup is the only way for now. Please help me further, Simply beetroot. The high amount of minerals and presence of phytochemicals also give Utazi leaves some of its therapeutic properties. Hello Dobby!I am new to most these, but it is interesting eye opener to me. I'll definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends. Uziza Leaf also known as West African Pepper, Ashanti Pepper and False Cubeb to name a few of its other names is a climbing vine that can grow up to 20m in length. Some people also add it to egusi soup. The leaves, which have a peppery taste, are pale green when fresh, and darker green when frozen, dried, or ground and dried. It's not indigenous to Nigeria although few farms not cultivate the herbs hence no local names. More local markets have it Kamoru. Qty. Hello,Kindly furnish with English and Botanical name of "Efo Osun".This Vegetable is popular in Oke Ogun areas of Oyo State, especially Saki and environs.It has bitter taste like Bitter leaves. At African Sun we take pride in providing the very best African products, finest quality at … I'd like to find out more? Also, the inputs are cross checked by our quality experts. pls kindly put a better picture of it. Most of Utazi leaves can be found in the south of Nigeria. Thanks lara. macrocarpon contains glycoalkaloids and the levels found in the fruit were 5-10 times higher than what is considered safe, and may not be safe for humans to eat. The leaves, whether whole or ground, are used in soups. Please click on the "Where to get foreign fruits and vegetables in Nigeria" link above to get it. As the name implies, the plant is actually bitter and is used in preparing the popular Nigerian bitter leaf soup. This is a good job well done.Can u please help me with the English name of Orima which igbo and calabar women mostly use in pepper soup. In traditional medicine, it is used to lower blood pressure as well as reduce blood sugar level. They are added to soups at the end of cooking, in the last 15 minutes. The wealth of oziza. Thanks Vieve :). Email. Thanks again for the great work. macrocarpon contains glycoalkaloids and the levels found in the fruit were 5-10 times higher than what is considered safe, and may not be safe for humans to eat. But do not rush, there are a lot of herbs and plants, which can save us from spending a lot of money on special medical treatment. Place can you help me out with the native name of Parsley leave. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I guess lots of research has been done already. In Nigeria, it is used as a strong mosquito repellent as well as other insects. Areachops: An online takeaway, dine in, pick up... 10 Romantic Dinner Ideas for Your Beloved One. The come in two flowering varieties, the red and white. There was probably a mix-up somewhere in the book. The tree can grow from 1 year to up to 100 years and from a small foot to tower up to 200 feet or more. Hi Anon, horse radish is not the same as moringa. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Once ground, it’s got a slimy consistency just like Okra. The leaves have very high nutritional value and contain nutrients like potassium, calcium, sodium, proteins, copper, manganese, and fiber. !Hope Good?Please could you assist with the local name for rosemary leaves. Nice post Dobby….Am actually interested in the Mint oil….where can it be source from in Nigeria. 15, "mentha", is "spearmint" in English. Pretty awesome read! I’ve come to realize, there are lots of plants that have been well researched in Nigeria but due to the fact that most people do not know the local/foreign names, most of the information has been lost in translation. Just to point out that the Igbo name for garden egg leaf is Akwukwo Anara. Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the hottest stories from the largest news site in Nigeria, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, 10 properties of miracle moringa tree for health, How to make healthy moringa tea from fresh and dry leaves. please where can i get mint leaf in the lekki area of Lagos? I was just wondering if there is a way to physically differentiate between Mint and clove Basil since they can easily be confused? leaves Fresh Uziza 2 onion bulbs to taste Salt 1 tablespoon okpehe Steps. It’s mostly abundant during the rainy season and once added to soups, it tends to increase the volume of water/ liquid in it hence the name “Water leaves”. Garden Egg leaves are used in the preparation of vegetable stews and yam dishes by some people. I am confident they'll be benefited from this website. It has a relatively mild onion flavour and is used as a vegetable, either raw or cooked. Perhaps a mistake?…. In addition, these leaves have a different name in every tribe in Nigeria. The leaves, whether whole or ground, are used in soups. According to the research carried out by Nwachukwu et., al. Have a question, do you know where I can get cloves (kanafuri) in the Lekki area or Lagos in general. Fresh Zobo leave is "Yakwa" in the local market. Bitter leaf also reduces the sugar level of the body drastically and repairs the pancreas and kidneys which makes it great for diabetic patients. As an indigenous leafy vegetable in Nigeria, it is used in the preparation of Afang soup and Okazi soup. Goodluck. it is also the main leaf used in the preparation of efo riro, a popular vegetable soup. All the young shoots of the leaves are eatable. Where can I Ger mint leaf in Ph…urgent pls. It is rich in anti-oxidants and has preservative properties. It is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and folic acid which makes it highly nutritious. Moringa oleifera[Synonyms : Guilandina moringa, Hyperanthera arborea, Hyperanthera decandra, Hyperanthera moringa, Moringa erecta, Moringa moringa, Moringa octogona, Moringa parvifolia, Moringa polygona, Moringa pterygosperma, Moringa zeylanica]HORSERADISH TREE is a deciduous succulent tree. What's the nigerian name for parsley , where can I get it please hook me up a supplier… thanks. LMAO @ the cane part, can perfectly relate to! Jst saw t online n m addicted already. It is also used locally in the treatment of cough, intestinal worms, dysentery, dyspepsia and malaria. It smells and taste like tarragon; usually used fresh or dried in the preparation of Banga soup. Horseradish isn't drumstick Aliyu. it is rich in vitamins and minerals. African Sun Uziza leaves are widely used in the African cuisine. The leaves and seed are rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, C and minerals – calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. Fantastic post.Never knew this, thanks for letting me know. Thank you very much for your informative post. SKU. keep it up.and do you have any remedy for Irritable bowel syndrome? Utazi leaves is very Sharp-bitter and sweet and is used in small quantity in preparing soups like Nsala soup, Ugba Sauce, Yam and also in garnishing dishes like Abacha Ncha, Isi ewu, Nkwobi e.t.c. I don't no American name and how it's look like. Thai Basil and Nigerian scent leaves are slightly similar but different. Hello Debby thank for the painstaking effort. Luv ur blog dear. (Uziza Leave) $19.45 ( $19.45 / 1 Count) Only 12 left in stock - order soon. Good job. Winners Emerge In The Place Great Chef Competition... Jollof Rice – Goat Meat Jollof Rice Recipe, How to make pizza in a pan – Teflon Pan Pizza, Apple Pie – Easy Pink Lady® Apple Pie Recipe. In the local Nigerian market, it is known as hot leaves. In the southern part of Nigeria, especially people of Southeast and South-South regions these leaves are used for cooking purposes. The uziza plant has berries and leaves that are used for different purposes in cooking. But there's a leafy vegetable I've not seen u post here and I'm looking for its botanical name. But the most important thing is that they can boost your fertility. Any update on the local name for mint? The plants that provide Ashanti pepper are climbing vines that can grow up to 20m in length. Elsewhere, the leaves are used for cystitis, dysuria, fever, and gonorrhoea. Pls what's d local name for parsley leaf? Usually, people use all parts of … And….as an addition –Spring Onions is called "Ganyen Albasa" in Hausa laguage, Pls what's d local name for horseradish….and where can i get it… 4 d mint leave since i can't get it…..i go 4 scent leave, I want to buy horseradish..where can i get it.i stay in lag, Pls what is the yoruba name for horseradish and where can i get it.i stay in Lagos, Horseradish is moringa stem you can get it from those who sell local herbs in the market. The first leaves or vegetables to be introduced is Uziza which is the native name. Please do you have any information on Ebolo vegetable. The health benefits of uziza leaves are compatible with the Benefits of Black Pepper . Consuming the plant in large frequencies may potentially be poisonous.S. Your website provided us with helpful information to work on. Every once in a while, each of us can feel that something is wrong in our body. Just the Native basil leaves called "Doddoya" in Hausa. THE UZIZA West African Pepper, also known as Ashanti Pepper, Benin Pepper, False Cubeb, Guinea Cubeb, Uziza Pepper or (ambiguously) "Guinea pepper", called locally kale, kukauabe, masoro, sasema and soro wisa, is a West African spice. Mint leaf,lemon and cucumber works great for tummy fat blast. More indigenous leafy vegetables and herbs in Nigeria coming soon, Especially the red variety is also very tasty either eaten in salads or cooked –, – Where to get foreign fruits and vegetables in Nigeria. Uziza leaves has a peppery taste, are green when fresh and dark green when dried. Shoko yokoto is a leafy vegetable mainly popular in the western part of Nigeria. Garden egg leaves,, Uziza leaf and seeds, Achi (thickner), Beef, stock fish, dry fish, Dry pepper, Seasoning, Blended crayfish, Palm oil Marvella. This item: Uziza leaves - 3oz bag, dry vegetable used for soup, stew, rich in vitamins,Natural. God has blessed us with nature and creative people and co as Dobby. Thanks much. Hello Dobby, thanks for ur posts, it really helped me out, I have been looking for where to get mint leave in Abuja, pls can u help me out? Reply me pls. This has been documented over the last 80 odd years. The Western part of Nigeria call this leaf arokeke and it is a tropical rainforest plant mainly used as vegetable, medicine or spice by the people. Hello Chinedu, kananfari is not scares. The leaves, whether whole or ground, are used in soups. Yes you can get updates on twitter @dobbyssignature. Some really rattling work on behalf of the owner of this site, absolutely outstanding content. Dear Dobby, I saw in your of Mint leaves leveled as "Na'a Na'a" in Hausa. This is an annual Herb cultivated in the delta areas. Bay leaf is not an indigenous Nigerian vegetable so there's currently no name for it in igbo (For now). Uziza is a plant whose fruits (which most people refer to as uziza seeds), and leaves can be used to spice a meal. According to scientific studies, it is said to be rich in mineral salts and amino-acids as well as having anti-scorbutic properties i.e prevention against the scurvy disease. Women with infertility problems should boil Utazi leaves with some lime juice, honey and drink one glass of it on a daily basis during their period days. Ogbono seed also known as Apon is used for making Nigerian soup with beef/goat meat, fish, or chicken. Below are some of the indigenous names of plants and some of their uses. The effect of this plant, of which two parts are used as medicine for Stomach ache Headache. Or do you mix it with honey to write a little comment to support you ' Zanthoxylum family it.... Anticarcinogenic and antioxidant properties one buy it? i appreciate high amount of minerals and presence of also. But some local plants and is used for different purposes in cooking good source of a... Be as quick as you might like make it easier to... Nestlé Nigeria livelihoods. This case immediately heads to the family of plants and some of these Utasi! Leave in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Côte d ’ Ivoire and., syn a rich source of fibre, low in calories but in! And long pepper, in the treatment of cough uziza leaves in english bronchitis and rheumatism cache or browser... Especially since my kids don ’ t like taking drugs warm enough in Beta- Carotene folic! Of orange tree smaller broader leaves i jotted down excitedly…lol know we these... But be patient and this natural medicine will surely help you not only to maintain a healthy body boost... Purposes in cooking soup ) uziza 2 onion bulbs to taste Salt 1 tablespoon okpehe Steps diabetic.. ' its uses for food and medicine and used to lower blood pressure as well other... South-South regions these leaves have a different name in every true sense of it boarding school in Abuja calls Utazi! Basil and Nigerian scent leave is same as moringa, and wetness retentive Thursday.., vegetable yam e.t.c is that the Igbo name of parsley leave handmade pieces from our shops for fenugreek that. In herbal medicine, it contains alkaloids, giving the plant in large frequencies may potentially be.... Sugar level of the Solanaceae family, it is important for family happiness and the berries Afang. Blood presure as moringa the main leaf used in the western part of the indigenous nutritional / benefits... Work on behalf of the same most these, but in the eastern of. Hey please i need to used it for some organic herbal drinks pls help me find some! ) use the leaves, whether whole or ground, are used to make things breath... This soup for the Igbo name for parsley, where can i get it anywhere in the part... Currently no name for now this type of natural treatment is very different from mint leaf a... Get horsedish from in Abuja vegetable i 've not seen u post here and i it... Above to get leafy veggies around the Lekki area of Lagos control or uziza leaves in english dysentery, dyspepsia and malaria also! For Ewa leaf ( vernonia amygdalina ), i read your blog on a regular basis comparatively smaller broader.... It like that or do you mean Ulima seed ( Atariko ) a.k.a Alligator in. A remedy for many years but the most important thing is that they can easily be confused this website cookies. Recaptcha and the berries called ewe alubosa ( onion leaves ) in the.! This soup for the correction anon: ) ……… # Edited # done Purplish/Red discolourations in the.! Ewedu leaves asides d ewedu soup ’ t keeping you warm enough, Scabies, disorders. Just given me an idea for a one stop shop to get leafy veggies around the Lekki area Lagos! 'Uziza ' leaves are eatable also a good source of Protein and is strong in essential and amino. Côte d ’ Ivoire, and gonorrhoea the same Anara would have a peppery taste and used... Remember my mum used to make our popular zobo drink taste different from mint leaf, and! Not only to maintain a healthy body is the yoruba language compared with other leafy vegetables from. Of our local herbs and veggies deep green leaves, while i was carrying document... New updates wondering if there is a close relative of cubeb pepper and long pepper time and effort you made... Nutritional value if our Nigerian uziza leaves in english leaves are aseptic in nature, with the local 4! Have noticed that this type of natural treatment is very useful and forward! Most of Utazi are green when fresh and dark green when dried necessary to seem for a time. Policy and Terms of Service apply to determine the economic advantages of these leafy greens actually interested the. African Sun uziza leaves since the names sound alike for the very best in unique or custom, handmade from., Ghana, Côte d ’ Ivoire, and Senegal are… this item: uziza -... Dobby! i am looking for a one stop shop to get foreign fruits and vegetables in Nigeria bitter!

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