Each spring the plant is covered with clusters of tiny white flowers that are … Red Elderberry Elder. I am sure, that all flowers I picked are elderberry. Elderberry shrubs can also be affected by nutritional deficiencies and excesses, as well as under- and over-watering. Elderberries have been a traditional remedy for constipation, colic, diarrhea, colds, and rheumatism. Elderberry also promotes the removal of waste products from the body, and is considered a powerful immune stimulant. Elder Elderflower White. When people talk about elderflower vs elderberry they are talking about two parts of the elder tree, the flower, and the fruit. The compound leaves are attractive and in summer, small white flowers are borne in dense clusters. Magical History & Associations: The Elder is a tree … Elderflower water, used as a skin lotion for its mild astringent properties, is still sold in old-fashioned pharmacies to this day. See more ideas about Elderberry flower, Elderberry, Elderflower. Blue Elderberry is a deciduous fruit tree native to Western North America. It attracts birds and butterflies and can be pruned back every few years to keep it looking good in a landscaped garden. (7 cm) in diameter, that look as though they have been painstakingly crafted in lace and designed to support the hoards of bees working busily over them. //

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