Teacup Without Handle emoji is the 🇯🇵 Japanese analog for ☕ Hot Beverage emoji — it is the picture of an extremely popular hot drink, which is called matcha, i.e. A dark beverage in a cup, often thought to be coffee or tea but is also used to depict hot chocolate as well. You've heard of 🎅 Santa Claus and perhaps 🤶 Mrs. Claus, but how about 🧑‍🎄 Mx. 🧋 Meaning: Bubble Tea 🧋 Bubble Tea Emoji was approved as part of Unicode 13.0 standard in 2020 with a U+1F9CB codepoint and currently is listed in 🎂 Food & Drink category. Often taken as a bowl of soup, such as a split pea. Meaning of 🍵 Teacup Without Handle Emoji. Matcha is traditionally served in a small bowl that resembles a cup without a handle. Some vendor versions prefer to show the Coffee emoji as more of a latte and occasionally decorate the froth with a love heart (see Samsung version). 📱 Samsung Emoji is a set of over 1500 branded emoticons and emojis for Samsung devices with the latest Samsung One UI. 🧋Bubble Tea. ↩︎. Emojipedia is today releasing sample images for … Meaning of ☕ Hot Beverage Emoji. Samsung's One UI 2.5 update incorporates the latest designs from Unicode 13, bringing us 116 new emoji, including boba tea, pinched fingers, and a really cute beaver. Samsung’s One UI 2.5 now supports the latest emojis. Emoji Meaning. 🫐 Blueberries 🫒 Olive 🫑 Bell Pepper 🫓 Flatbread 🫔 Tamale 🫕 Fondue 🫖 Teapot 🧋 Bubble Tea; The remaining new emojis in Android 11.0 fit into the broad categories of nature, objects, and symbols. When it comes to Food & Drink, there are eight new additions, including the popular 🧋 Bubble Tea emoji. Hot Beverage emoji is an image of a mug with a coffee, hot chocolate, or black tea, or any other hot drink of dark color imaginable — these hot drinks are the most popular outside Asia (for Asian countries and 🇯🇵 Japan, in particular, 🍵 Teacup Without Handle emoji would be more characteristic). The latest One UI 2.5 is now available for the Galaxy Note 20 series, S20 series, Note 10 series, S10 series, and few more smartphones from Samsung.. Alongside 116 brand new emojis, this update includes a sizable number of design changes, with many of these being new gender-neutral designs for previously-released people emojis. Additions include Bubble Tea, Smiling Face With Tear, bottle-feeding parents and the Transgender Flag. 🤝 Copy, paste, communicate! A cartoon image of the popular 🇹🇼 Taiwan-made, tea-based drink that is usually served with tapioca balls also known as "pearls" or "boba".Often used to ask if someone is in the mood for some 🥛 milk tea. Claus?. You may click images above to enlarge them and better understand Bubble Tea Emoji meaning. Teacup Without Handle was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. While Emoji 13.0 recommends 117 new emojis, Samsung has supported the ⚧ Transgender Symbol emoji component since 2013. The official name for the symbol is Hot Beverage. A cup of green tea, as the minty-colored Japanese matcha, usually shown on a wooden mat. The emoji list for 2020 is now complete, with 117 emojis making the final cut for release this year. Northern hemisphere fall, that is. Prior to One UI 2.5, this emoji component was not recommended for general interchange (RGI) by Unicode.

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