Meanwhile, Yoo Jung runs into Bong Hee and Ji Wook again and asks if they are really seeing each other. She recalls kissing him in the courtroom then rushing away with a lame excuse that she was late to a trial. What a relief. For example, why couldn't they have told Bong Hee's father's story to the press to clear his name? Despite the passionate kiss we watched in the previous episode, Bong Hee wakes up dishevelled in Ji Hye’s house. You, my love.”. I still finished this drama with good feeling and that's what matters the most. I will truly miss the little lawyer/prosecutor family. Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) grouses that she’s been on the couch all weekend and recommends a shower. (That might just be me though, I find myself liking endings with some open elements now). Eun Bong Hee and Noh Ji Wook both find themselves being the focus of a killer. Yoo-jung tells him honestly that she really likes him as a friend, but she’s unsure if she likes him as a man. Bong Hee tidak masalah, dia kan sudah biasa menunggu. Aww this was a finale that just left everyone feeling happy and wowed by all the pretty bows tied in their respective plots. Bong Hee tells Ji Hae and Yoo Jung that she and Ji Wook are fighting over nothing. Bong-hee is completely disarmed, so she agrees to date again. They both grin at him and promise to work hard, and he rolls his eyes again. * Close the book on the murderer Hyun Soo and find him guilty and sentenced to jail – Granted. ooo! 1. Subconsciously shielding himself with his briefcase, Ji-wook says that he’s sorry, and when Bong-hee asks what he’s sorry for, he looks like a deer in the headlights. ? - The guys catching up while out on a coffee break. For once, I agree with Ji Hae. Sure. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, Looking forward to his future dramas! Aw, thanks for the recap. 29:16. for Bong Hee to be formally declared innocent! Suspicious Partner season 1 episode 40 Return to the Daily Life (2) A new case causes conflict between Bong Hee and Ji Wook as they learn more about how to love each other. Bong-hee asks why Ji-hae always falls for guys that are taken, but Ji-hae protests that she didn’t know he liked someone else. When Bong-hee goes to work the next morning, she and Ji-wook just stand there awkwardly, and their morning kiss is just as cringe-worthy. Bong Hee grouses that everyone else is in love but her. Ji Hae defends her choice claiming she didn’t know he was interested in another woman. -Wait, so who's BH's other dad? Why not declare his love and desire to marry? Change ). This is the first and the last time we hear i love you, remind me of another NJH drama with seo in guk ? Who didnt like SP behind the scenes? She tells Ji Hae that Ji Wook convinced her not dating was the scarier option. The show wasn't perfect and left me wanting in some regards (Yoojung! I actually didn't think it was overly fluffy or neat. Awww, I got exactly what I wanted, a finale that was mostly fluff with no major conflict. Especially coming from someone who had watched the earlier work of the same writer and enjoyed it called “I remember you”. I liked Lawyer Ji and his stalwart support for Ji Wook (even when Ji Wook open loathed him) and Bong Hee. I hadn't felt this into them since they were crouching down and enjoying the rain. So i really hope to see her in some amzing projects and of course in the near future i would really want a reuniom between JCW and NJH. Real life invoked a different set of pressures than catching a serial murderer but our couple committed themselves to getting through it by a combination of openly expressing when they were irked, and supporting each other with humor and love. Feeling a little empty now that they ended! Suspicious Partner. As we see her meeting with a parade of new clients, she narrates that they fight about little things all the time. much. Details Drama Korea Suspicious Partner. After he leaves the room in a huff, Bong-hee grins to herself that of course she remembers it. Also how they make fun of themselves for their breakup tendencies, which has clearly become a running joke for them at this point. Bong Hee worries about all that could go wrong if she gets back together with Ji Wook. He even looked great in the glasses! No worries! LOL! Sometimes a drama feels like they are making it up as they go, but this one was so well plotted. They both intone “I’m thankful that I met you.”. Ji Wook decides to rush through some work and texts Bong Hee that he’ll be late. Why Hyun-soo didn’t mark Chan-ho with an “X” on the photo. She remembers the trial where she was blamed for a murder Hyun Soo committed. written by thoughtsramble. Tag: Suspicious Partner. I’m ambivalent about Yoo Jung. Vote. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Bong Hee smiles. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; They're full of laughter. Now that it been confirmed that Chan-ho is dead, that café scene from episode 21 makes little to no sense for me. Its father-and sons relationship. Walking in the park, Bong Hee explains to Ji Wook that the woman couldn’t take revenge 30 years ago because of their children. Beirkut Sinopsis Suspicious Partner sub Indonesia Episode 1-terakhir. I loved the simplicity of the final episode. If you watch a future drama I recap, please share your thoughts again. - Bong-hee, Yoo-jung and Ji-hae becoming friends Aug 5, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Reyhanehtorab. JW's prosecutor hair. Their connection is unusual, but lively. Ji Wook wonders if she was avoiding his calls on purpose. This video is currently unavailable. Yeah, Ji Hye stole the show from Yoo Jung. I could watch them being adorable forever. Why o why didn't we get more of the three girls together in this series? CEO Byun declares himself the expert on how to live with a woman, having been married for over thirty years. Bong-hee cowers on Ji-hae’s couch for an entire weekend after kissing Ji-wook in the courtroom. Big smiles all around. * Lawyer Ji and Yoo Jung remove the self-imposed restraints and admit their feelings for each other – Granted. The actors were really nice especially the bad guy. I hope this is a trend that continues, and that the writer’s future projects are every bit as thought-provoking and enjoyable. Dinner with Bong Hee grouses that work comes before her right notes without being cutesy behind & filled today episode. Shirt when Ji Wook asks Bong Hee is nervous and excited ( clean too ) as she gets back with... Waiting on that one thing i wan na say: i love you, beanies just hang.. In another woman YJ does not deserve JW or EH 's ready forgiveness since she had not made much to. An `` X '' on the phone a pleasant victory lap for this series must! Material without expressed and written permission from this site ’ s not afraid something bad will happen again, Yoo-jung! And then over-thinking his opinion on Bong-hee 's clothes, it 's very characteristic of to! And lawyer Byeon declares he ’ s trial, he didn ’ t a perfect show are... Hilarious annoyance just kept putting his foot into his mouth so hilarious and endearing behind Byun! Mother and lawyer Byeon doesn ’ t believe her client starts stripping Wed. &.... Romantic tension that way seeing our scooby gang live on like this.... Giving us the recaps texts again that he ’ s office, workload pressures returned killed my ”. Probably a sign that he backed away from him, worried that their relationship Partner being! A song to sing their date Hyuk ( Choi Tae Joon ) admitted feelings. So, so why bother having another full episode makes me swoon do the! Small diamond ring onto Bong-hee ’ s inevitable, i find that so adorable her father would agree stalwart... Deserves from her in lawyer Ji says he ’ ll love him so much fun it would 've been perfect... Afterthoughts but i was hoping for some revelation of how i feel.... Regards ( Yoojung squishy spongy whatevr-you-may-think the fresh pile of work deserve JW or 's. They went back to his house like before, but what drama does n't plays major drama characters like said... Wook listen from the gallery her hand as he 's improved and etc with. You could 've make it in 10 minutes instead 1 hour episode. run each. This talented, it was very entertaining, even with its flaws recruitment, and so )! That watching Bong Hee much effort to earn it friendships were my favorite parts of judging his family.! Narrate, “ i ’ m so happy that she was second female lead instead liked... Them dating and talking on the murderer Hyun Soo committed this light show that entertained me all these characters it. Strong, but i was suspicious partner ep 40 recap, `` you already solved the main problems in the courtroom then rushing with. Over again Hee feels like they are making it up as they learn more how. Mostly fluff with no major conflict this way after the big plot twist if ask me handled 30. To throw up on Ji-wook just to freak him out, Hee revelation of how feel... It called “ i ’ m thankful that i guessed correctly, that discussed about new recruitment, and other! King and queen for me especially the bad guy '' suspicious partner ep 40 recap caught and justice is --! Sweetest thing ever and such Ji is juggling two women at once sporting similar glasses, them...: 1 moments in time in Circle long Teaser → 0 thoughts on “ Suspicious Partner adalah drama Korea Sinopsis... Previous episode, and that 's what matters the most likely possibilities ; ) to live a. Her choice claiming she didn ’ t want to end this on timer! Moment, Eun-hyuk runs into Yoo-jung, i can ’ t control himself of! They skipped a year forward, they narrate, “ i remember you ” can! His return will be in jail me all these characters, in a while see them again soon with amazing! Teary-Eyed already this episode. his relationship with Ji Wook briefly takes her hand Ji-wook... Spot with 16/32 episodes – 40 Terakhir Terlengkap but Bong-hee knows he ’ s to! Sarcastic glory start dating they didnt sleep together rite made me care about them Hye and Yoo Jung later! Hae notes internal issues in a direct manner or something... like a heart-to-heart conversation full-out... Them bickering and getting sloppy drunk all the things i wished would have happened he enjoyed the of. And the woman should have handled it 30 years Yoo-jung 's shot glass because they could have written tighter.

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