In order to get paperwhites to bloom indoors during the winter months, you will need to force them. These tall, beautiful, white flowers bloom easily when forced and are especially attractive as part of a holiday display. Prepotted paperwhites can be purchased at many garden stores. Non-blooming paperwhite bulbs are likely the result of a problem at the production or shipping and retail levels. Since paperwhites require zone 8 to 11 conditions, they can't be planted successfully outdoors. Getting paperwhites to rebloom after the first flowering is a tricky proposition. Do not let plant sit in water. Paperwhite Narcissus will grow happily and bloom with nothing more than water and stones or pebbles. Avoid plants with disease or insect damage. Place each bulb so that half to three-quarters of it shows above the surface of the medium. How to Grow Paperwhites in … Once your paperwhites have finished blooming, you can snip off the spent flowers and continue enjoying the foliage. Forcing paperwhite narcissus to bloom couldn't be easier. While you cannot "re-force" the same bulbs to bloom again indoors, you can try planting paperwhite bulbs outside after you force bloom them to see if they will bloom the following spring. Trim off the flowers after they wilt and continue watering the plants. Just cut off the top section and place in a cool dark spot and bring them out again the next time you want to see some more blooms. After planting, they will bloom in four to six weeks. The bulbs require no care during summer and winter dormancy, but will require regular watering once they send up new growth the following spring. Paperwhites grow so fast you can almost see them sprout which makes it a particularly great project to do with kids. Bulbs grown as garden plants require similar after-bloom care as potted plants. Plant the bulbs about 6" deep and 4" apart. They’re a hallmark of wintertime decor, and these plants are easy to grow indoors to brighten up a drab space. Paperwhites are a form of Narcissus, closely related to daffodils.The plants are common winter gift bulbs which do not need chilling and are available year around. When growing outdoors, plant paperwhites in a sunny spot with well drained soil. Paper whites need an average humidity with a temperature range of 50 - 60 degrees F during days and 45 - 55 degrees during nights. Take a trip to any botanical garden or plant shop in the winter and you will undoubtedly find paperwhites sprouting from a variety of containers. You can plant paperwhites all the way through winter in zones 8-10 and still get flowers in the spring. 2. Other than rotting in soggy soil, there's little to stop a healthy paperwhite … Once the blooms of the paperwhites have faded, you can save the plant to bloom again next year. You will usually get two additional years out of the bulbs. Check for insects. Garden-grown Paperwhites. Paper white plant care Paper whites need well drained soil mix. Paperwhites can also grow in a variety of creative mediums that provide root support. In warm climates (growing zones 8-11) paperwhites may be planted outdoors in fall for late winter flowers. To prolong bloom, after the plants begin to flower, remove them from direct sunlight and place in a cooler, less sunny part of your home. Discard the bulbs after flowering. Eventually the bulbs can be tossed as they will not bloom again. How to Grow Paperwhites. Bulbs generally bloom 4-6 weeks after potting. Paperwhites grown in water and rocks don’t save as well. Set the bulbs in a warm, sunny spot, water regularly, and they will flower in a month or so. You’ll see the biggest impact when planting in large sweeps or clumps of 7-10 bulbs. Fertilizer is not necessary during the bloom season.

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