Who is responsible for obesity and lung cancer? Philosophical Quarterly, Miller, D. (2005). Moral issues is about being fair and honest. . (Eds.) Correspondence to 14, 15–19. This school of thought is definitely human-centered or anthropomorphic (pronounced an-throw-poe-MOR-fick). Journal of Public Health, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 36, 50–56. Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist. Many companies are concerned about their social responsibility, particularly to the environment and their employees. Accident Analysis and Prevention, h_ k_ Academic year. We all have a responsibility to conserve and protect the environment. The understanding of the inter-linkages of the web of life. Moral responsibility can only be decided by the individual. Ecofeminism. Under international norm, every person has the right to live in an ecologically sound environment adequate for their health, well-being, dignity, culture and fulfilment. (Reprinted from Perspectives on moral responsibility, in by J. M. Fischer & M. Ravizza, Eds., 1993, Cornell University Press: Ithaca. [CDATA[// >