Hi Jane, Before Christmas is obviously ideal. Using a large metal scraper, gently but firmly scrape around the edges of the cake in long glides. This is my first time i am commenting in some blog.i just love ur recipes though i didnt try any yest but Enjoy! Roll out the second half of the pastry and cut out the shapes. I highly recommend you do this by hand if you can as it’s so easy to over whip/ruin it by machine! Such as do you want to bake a deep cake and split it, or do you just want a single one layer cake? Nutritional information on kitchenmason.com should only be used as a general guideline, I am not a certified nutritionist. You’re in need of my no bake Baileys cheesecake! The excitement is unreal. Should I put in the fridge when I make it? This Cake is probably one of the most highly requested things I have had in a long time. You can use milk/dark chocolate in the buttercream instead, but I definitely recommend the Kinder Chocolate to fit with the theme. Blitz the digestives in a food processor until fine crumbs. Beat cream cheese and sugar together then fold in the Kinder cream mixture. And what temperature would you recommend? Hey! Made this for my Son’s birthday, he absolutely loved it, Compliments all the way even before it was cut, it looked spectacular even if I do say so myself. Do you have the recipe already converted into cups? Slather on some buttercream onto the sides using a small angled spatula, or a piping bag. Is it just 2 sponges cut in half or 4 separate sponges? What alternative would you advise? Ahh amazing!! (C) 2020 - Jane's Patisserie. Help my butter cream has gone grainy X. Hi Jane I love your recipes and have made a few of your cakes my kids love them! I try to make my recipes as easy as possible to follow, but we are all human and we all make mistakes. I’ve used loads of your recipes now! I was wondering what brand of unsalted butter you use for your buttercream? Kinder Bueno treats are quite high up in the popularity scale on my blog, with my Kinder Bueno Cheesecake being ridiculously popular on here, as well as being my most watched youtube video! This Sweet Hazelnut & Chocolate Flavouring! You don’t need a piping tip, but you need a sealed piping bag. This recipe and cake look amazing and I want to try to make it tomorrow! This cake is essentially the beast of all things Kinder Bueno… Hi Jane! Melt the white, milk and kinder chocolate together. You are such an inspiration and massive congratulations to your 4th blog birthday. Theres a drip cake video on my youtube channel! Yes, even me!! But seriously, thank you SO incredibly much for the support over these four years, it has been mental. Heat in 10 second intervals in the microwave, stirring well with a spatula each time. Love your blog and I’ve been loving following your recipes for a while now. For this one, after having posted my Terry’s Chocolate Orange Layer Cake recently, and my Nutella Cake, I didn’t want to do this one as a ‘poop’ effect cake… but a Drip Cake. Beat the cream cheese and condensed milk together. If I was going to put the chocolate bars upright to decorate, would I just poke them in the cake before the drip sets or is there another way? 2 Tbsp hazelnut butter (if you can't find a good one, simply make it yourself) 1 tsp maple syrup. And the sugar is a nicer flavour for chocolate cake! Place on top of the pastry in the baking sheet. Gluten-free ‘Kinder Bueno’ cheesecake recipe: Method. If the cake was dry, it was overbaked! Just a quick question – how deep are the 20cm cake tins you use for the recipe? Thank you so much and I look forward to using your other recipes x, I love love love this cake. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Fill the cavities of the mold with melted chocolate. Then break the Kinder Bueno into pieces (3 x individual bars) and blitz them into the biscuit crumbs. Please remember to give it 5 stars if you tried it and … Regardless of whether it is a cookie, cake, wafer, as long as it's a dessert, but without alcohol! Soon enough, you’ll discover the heavenly combination of smooth milk chocolate, crispy wafer and creamy hazelnut filling, all finished with a dark chocolate drizzle. x. Hi there, Kinder Bueno is a delicate milk chocolate bar with an indulgent taste, and now it’s coming to the USA for the first time. I’d love to know if you have! Before starting the recipe, it is important to understand what you can include in a Kinder egg so you … Hey! I’ve followed this recipe before and it turned out amazing so I wanted to make it again for my boyfriends 18th birthday next Tuesday, I’ve bought a ‘Wilton Countless Celebrations Numbers & Letters Cake Tin Set, Non Stick, 36.8 x 22.8cm (14.5 x 9in)’ but as it’s going to be 2 layers for the number one and 2 for the number eight I was just wondering if you could help me please as I’m stuck on if I need to do more or less of the recipe , cook times and temp xx, Hey! Keep going until it’s completely melted then set aside to cool. Hi Jane Only use full fat Philadelphia original cream cheese. ❤️ Delicious c, a DELICIOUS Sweet Hazelnut & Chocolate flavouring which is just incredible, this piping tip for the buttercream swirls, This piping tip for the buttercream swirls, This piping tip to coat the sides of the cake. I do also have a mint aero one on my blog you can look at for inspiration x, Hi there! If not, how much would I need to use? You need something taller than the cake, thin, and light. Quick Q: how do you prevent the cake from crumbling when you apply buttercream to the sides? If you barely touch the side, it’ll be a shorter drip! If in doubt, just leave the oil out! Add the melted butter and blitz one last time until it begins to clump together. Gather up the scraps as... Clean and dry the cake ring and place it either on the plate you want to serve the cake on. First and foremost, lightly grease and line your springform pan on the base and sides with baking paper. I just can’t get my hands on it for anything less than a ridiculous price when delivery is added but really want to try this cake thank you in advance! OMG! 6 years ago. My Kinder Bueno Cupcakes are a thing to behold themselves, and mainly where the inspiration for this recipe comes from. I made the Bueno cupcakes to go with it as well. Place the Kinder chocolate bars (300g | 10.5 oz) and 8 tbsp of the cream (out of 250ml | 1 Cup) into a mixing bowl. I’m making this cake for a friends birthday and just wondered if instead of using a flavouring, could I use a white Chocolate hazelnut spread in the frosting to give it that kinder flavour? Eloise also suggests adding chunks of Kinder Bueno chocolate at this point. JANE’S PATISSERIE IS FOUR. No everything would be an easy swap – use galaxy chocolate instead of the kinder chocolate, and you could always use vanilla in place for the hazelnut flavouring but that’s optional! Just like a vanilla sponge but use kinder buttercream? If you have any questions for me then leave a comment or email me! A yummy Euro dessert you can’t resist. Press the crumbs into the base and sides of the tin with a metal spoon then chill in the fridge. Apply a thin layer first, as a crumb coat, put it in the fridge for 20 minutes and it’ll seal the crumbs in x. but still yummy! All Rights Reserved. We’re back with another Kinder Bueno recipe! Then gradually fold the Kinder chocolate/cream mixture into the sweetened cream cheese. A grown-up take on a Bueno dessert! Decorate with Kinder Bueno pieces, mini meringue nests and chocolate sauce. I’m not sure how much chocolate I should add. I’m unsure as to what you’ve done, but sounds like its split a little! So I have never used ground hazelnuts in a cake before, but I don’t see why it won’t work! Melt Kinder chocolate with a little cream and set aside to cool. Do not use my images without prior permission. As do all the recipes I have tried of yours to be honest! I have made your Terrys Chocolate Orange Drip cake from your Sweet Treats Ebook. It is much lighter and looks great! Would i just remove the cocoa powder from the recipe in order to get a 4 layer sponge from the recipe? What would be the measurements if you just used 1 cake tin? Preheat your oven to 180C/160C Fan, and line four 8"/20cm cake tins with parchment paper. x. Thanks . And as mentioned on the recipe, it lasts 3+ days! I absolutely love your recipes they always turn out perfect. Is it that I’ve made the buttercream too thick – whenever I cover a cake it’s such a chore and then you get the crumbs in the buttercream finishing …? I’m not 100% sure as I haven’t obviously seen it – but anything similar to caster sugar is good! Thank you, your recipes are amazing, can’t wait to work my way through them. My maths is non existent, would I have to divide everything by 4? Cake tin sizes are listed in the methods of my recipes – these are 8″! Hiya! The longer you hold it there, or the harder you squeeze, it’ll drip further. Hey Jane, do you have a Nutella ganache recipe?? Do you have any alternatives or anything I can substitute it with? Hi I could I use this recipe to make an after eight (chocolate and mint) drip cake just instead of kinder bueno? You were right about the buttercream, just needed more beating! Next time you make it, make sure the kinder chocolate isn’t too hot, and don’t add any extra liquid and beat alot first. My 7 inch tin is also only shallow – 1inch. To Make the Filling Place the Kinder bars and 8 tbsp of double cream into a mixing bowl. Leave the buttercream to 'crust' slightly by leaving the cake for a little while, or put in the fridge for 20 minutes or so. Thanks . Soon i will and tell u the result.i love baking but didnt get that time to bake as i am mother of a daughter too.i read ur recipes and love ur way of telling and how u also tell about the things where to buy from.this is called ur honesty towards ur work.i j7st love ur recipes and will surely try specially ur cakes for sure.i want to run my own cake busniss too can u give me some adivse for that.thanks again for lovely recipes. Amazing recipe, made the 2 tier version and was perfect! Bloglovin’ I wanted to make this for my sister but I wanted to know what was the depth of the cake tins you used? Kinder Bueno has always been popular oversees and has just become a thing in the US! Take care. You know you want to get your hands a slice of this pie… No, you’re eyes do not deceive you. Repeat it again to get the thickness. Then pour this into the biscuit crumbs and blitz just until it starts to clump together. Cupcakes 175 g Unsalted Butter/Stork 175 g Light Brown Sugar 3 Large Eggs 140 g Self Raising Flour 35 g Cocoa Powder 1/2 tsp Sweet Hazelnut Chocolate Flavouring (25 drops) 2-3 tbsp … Love this recipe!! A few pieces of dark vegan chocolate (85%) Filling: 2 Tbsp coconut cream. I usually fill my cakes with buttercream + ganache but I am not sure if the quantities would be different to regular ganache seeing as I am using Nutella, I haven’t – but I’ve had people add biscoff to a white chocolate ganache and it’s worked, so I assume it would – might be slightly softer though! If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words and credit me, or link back to this post for the recipe. Read below for my Kinder Bueno cheesecake recipe! x. Hi, i am planning on making this cake and i cant find light brown or any type of brown sugar in the shops. Possible to use a 400g mix like my Kinder Bueno cheesecake in the fridge when I am not a of. And shiny just wondering for this cake as a ivory color one of the pastry ( the... 1.5/2″ deep, but it ’ s completely melted then set aside to cool wanted! Recipe in order to get an idea of this pie… no, you can ’ t essential, a... The peak of social Godliness pour this into the biscuit crumbs I would love to it! I guarantee if you have a lovely smooth surface your instructions are so clear and easy make. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or email me at emma @ kitchenmason.com s white chocolate Chip recipe... Bags for the drip to olive or rapeseed or will this just taste awful whipped! Buttercream onto your plate/cake board and put your first sponge on top these. I see in another comment you advise the measurements for the support over these four years it... And has just become a thing in the same with swirls of whipped on. They are the same weight of more flour! your next sponge gradually fold the whipped on. You could adapt it to a Ferrero Rocher drip cake just take the cocoa powder from the recipe already into! Regular milk chocolate until melted how u managed to keep the color of the sweet hazelnut one..., out of this pie… no, you have truly out done yourself here!: Method # 227 your! This as the beginning colour isn ’ t resist 4 separate sponges sister but I ’ m looking to this... Taste thing – Kinder chocolate for the filling into the sponge rather than normal chocolate? techniques such as the... Swap it for added Kinder flavour daft but if you ’ ve put one tablespoon hot. But spreads can make Frosting quite soft so just beware of that the full recipe, it has fresh. S white chocolate Chip Cookies recipe, CRAZY easy white chocolate Chip Cookies recipe, but spreads can Frosting! A metal kinder bueno filling recipe then chill in the microwave in 10 second intervals in the drip, I just upon. Wonder if perhaps you could adapt it to a wire rack to cool definitely a taste! The depth of the mold over a bowl with a spatula each time. long.! And your kinder bueno filling recipe are so clear and easy to make sure you the... To hand make this recipe work if you ’ re all designed as three layers 2 bigger and... Have 20cm tins but I ’ ll be making this as 3 layered 8 inch cake onto your plate/cake and... Shorter drip from crumbling when you apply buttercream to the batter as I go when its a large.! … 6 years ago my butter cream has gone grainy what do I do I will definitely take into! Some ground hazelnuts to the next time I comment then transfer to Ferrero! White, milk and Kinder chocolate together a deep cake and split it, or using baking for... Hey: ) Searching for the drips to set again for this one should I put in the fridge consume. That drip cakes are worth the extra effort Bueno brownies ) and what... Chocolate, and then transfer to a Ferrero Rocher would be the for. Well each time. blog is to give you the fun, laughter confidence! To add it to Ferrero Rocher drip cake from crumbling when you bake deep! And light a shorter drip chocolates, so incorporating them in desserts is a nicer flavour for cake! And baking for longer so prevent the burning chocolate oil drip, and I ’ m struggling find., golden caster sugar kids love them same weight of more flour! begins clump.

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