Defeating Trump is just the first step of our long hard fight against Trumpism. As your 6th CD Representative and SCR I had the honor to organize the election of 6 National Delegates to the Democratic National Convention from a field of 45 candidates and 193 State Delegates. We as a party need to know their party leanings. 2. Greetings, Democrats. My technology, graphic design and writing skills are utilized to manage our calendar, website, Facebook, newsletters, databases and marketing, but I also help lead events such as Fish Feast and the Biennial Reorg. I joined with them and with WSD’s Party officers and DNC members to assist our State Party Chair to prepare for a Presidential-Election-year. Phone 314-961-6869: LWV Missouri ... Find your county, ballot, candidates, and keywords. The board already knows I’m someone they can count on, because for the past two years I’ve been showing up and getting it done. The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri has jurisdiction in Jefferson County. Besides serving on the Executive Board, district representatives are expected to recruit PCOs and support their activities. Locally and nationally I believe more money should be spent for social services and less money should be allocated to the police, drug usage should be decriminalized and that the police should not be first responders to mental health crises. Our temporary campaign headquarters reminded us how important it is for people to have opportunities to be with others that think like they do. Live election results for the Nov. 3, 2020 election in Jefferson County, Missouri from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and It has been an honor for me to serve in this position for the past 6 years, working with the dedicated and hardworking PCOs, Board members, and the many volunteers that have made our local Party so successful. Appeals from the Eastern District go to the United States Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit.. I had the amazing  experience of being a Delegate at the Democratic National Convention in 2016, serving on the  Rules Committee, which gave me insight into how to work within the Democratic party. District Reps get Democrats elected, working with the PCOs to inform, encourage and guide voters, and to get out the vote. My name is Pamela Roberts. I would like your vote. Declarations of Nomination for the following offices are available through the Clerk & Recorder's Office. Locally,  I am focused on affordable housing, increasing services to address the hunger and poverty that  have grown exponentially during the pandemic, and promoting an equitable legal/justice system  that treats everyone fairly. To support the campaigns, political candidates and issues I care about I have I canvassed, phone banked, gathered signatures, created and distributed flyers, organized public meetings, written letters to the editor, questioned candidates at town halls and persuaded others to join me in contacting our elected officials. JCD deserves this level of expertise and I would be honored to receive your vote for Vice Chair. As Treasurer I have developed the knowledge and skills needed for the mandatory record keeping and filing requirements of the WA Public Disclosure Commission and use the PDC ORCA software. I’ve also interacted with the Native American, Latino, Veterans’, and Labor caucuses on various issues. Voters need to know we are interested in their opinions and concerns. Two retired police officers, Steve Harris of Shannondale and Tom Hansen of Kearneysville, are facing off during the primary for the Republican spot on the Nov. 3 general election ballot for the county’s top law enforcement post. I’m familiar with VoteBuilder, the PCOs’ primary tool. The August Primary Election Candidate filing deadline is 5:00 p.m. on March 31, 2020 at the County Clerk’s Office in the Jefferson County Administration Building. 2020 Jeffco Election Info: Jefferson County Colorado, Office of Elections Voting Locations Track Your Ballot About Us Get Involved More Resources Call Jeffco Republicans for more info: 303.277.1113 I believe I’ve fulfilled the responsibilities of District 1 Representative and helped the party achieve its successes. MO political parties. I served as Director of Education at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding in Port Hadlock and know how to inspire young people to get involved. It’s been an honor over the last 3 years to serve on the Communications Committee and Executive Board, during a time when our party was challenged with serious divisions. • Chaired council of Directors managing development and implementation of VA healthcare information system. Learn more about your sample ballot and how it will look. Now is the time to focus on what matters – to work together to elect Democrats, in every race and every place! I’ve lived in District 1 for nearly 40 years. As a PCO in District 3, I also will serve to bring a voice from South County to our organization, bringing important geographic diversity to our EBoard. I’m also a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights and Black Lives Matter. Tonight (Nov. 3), for election night, the Leader will be following the tabulation of Jefferson County residents’ ballots and we plan to post a story on our website after countywide final, unofficial results are announced. My skills are complementary to the Chair’s and will help make our party stronger, more efficient, and more cooperative. The Treasurer develops and maintains an annual budget, and reports to the Executive Board at each meeting. As a long time grassroots organizer I have a proven, demonstrated track record of progressive growth over 13 years of experience as the link between the community, local, state and national campaigns, organizations and governments. I am still committed to making this party a bigger, better, stronger, and more inclusive “us”, and I hope you will allow me to continue working toward this goal on your behalf, because I still believe that you deserve it as much as I do. We helped pass initiative 735 in 2016 and convinced Rep. Kilmer to cosponsor HJR 48 in support of a Constitutional amendment to clarify that corporations are not people and money is not speech. This is one of my main interests. This form is available at and must be filed with the Jefferson County Election Office. My life’s mission focused on helping organizations perform to their highest potential. A strong democratic party, is a united democratic party which facilitates a stronger and more united United States. Our local issues, including housing and our beautiful and fragile local environment, need our continued attention. I use QuickBooks for accounting and maintain the JCD bank account. I’ve been deeply involved in all aspects of the everyday work that keeps us functioning – the meetings, phone calls, emails and spreadsheet wrangling. I believe that there is room at the table for all people and perspectives in the democratic party, from far to center left, we all have something to contribute. PCOs are the main point of information and contact for voters. I also look forward to identifying, with the Chair and leadership, others who may want to try out volunteering in the role to likely do a better job! To view a Sample Ballot containing ALL CONTESTS for the November 3, 2020, General and Joint Election, CLICK HERE.. To view the List of Declared Write-In Candidates, CLICK HERE. I work with PCOs, District Reps, State Reps, and other Committee leaders to assist wherever needed and to help support platform issues such as affordable housing, health care, and climate action. Please vote for me so we can continue our successful work. I’ve also had the honor of giving input on the Disability Rights platforms of multiple presidential and congressional candidates. Phone: 502-574-6100; Email:; Providing honest and ... 2020 General Jefferson County Registry of Candidates. As a Psychologist and Medicare Provider I continue to care for elderly in nursing homes. I believe I can inspire, be a voice for, and represent our community. Jefferson County Election Authority Ken Waller. July 6, 2016. My goal will always be that our party exhibit competence and that we succeed in electing Democrats and bringing Democratic voters together. We managed endorsements online. In the five years that I have lived in Jefferson County, I have strived to be involved in my community and make a difference. Please vote for me for Vice Chair. Offices are generally open from 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays. I have also helped with Fish Feast planning and with setup and take down. I’m excited to be running for Vice Chair. To elect to national, state, county and other offices Democratic candidates who embody, support and promote the PLATFORM of the Jefferson County Democrats, and to support them while in office as they act to improve the well-being of the citizens of Jefferson County.” Our platform calls for “An affordable universal single-payer” health care “system.”   Polls show that 69-70% of the country want Medicare for All. I have lived in Quilcene for 20 years and was a PCO for 4 years. We have endorsed Democrats in Jefferson County, then helped their successful campaigns with our support, our GOTV efforts, and our contributions. ELECTION CALENDAR: Filing Deadline (D/R/Libertarian): March 31, 2020 Filing Deadline (Other Parties & Indep): August 4, 2020 Filing Deadline (Write-Ins): October 2020 Primary: August 4, 2020: CANDIDATE DIRECTORY LEGEND: Bold = Active Candidate Italics = Potential Candidate * = Incumbent = Winner I’ve missed only one board meeting. The Jefferson County Elections Division conducts elections according to state statute, encourages voter participation and equality within each segment of Jefferson County and is … Results Precincts Reporting Voter Turnout Reports ... Vote totals for each precinct for each contest for each candidate. (Photo courtesy of Jefferson Republican Committee) Robert Birmingham (R) And when we “went virtual” I kept working – helping with tech, staffing committees, doing whatever needed to be done to Get Democrats Elected. Candidate Biography:  • VA Director, Information Systems, West Coast and Pacific Region. Your address is confidential. I work at the Food Co-op in Port Townsend and I’m running for State Representative and Commissioner District 2 Representative. Please vote for me for District 1 Rep! Kristi Gay Phone: 502.574.5886 Fax: 502.574.5014 Email: In last month’s election, turnout in our county was more than 90%. I became a WSU faculty member and Interim Director of WSU Jefferson County Extension. When I first ran, I said I was going to focus on the future and focus on the County. When I became Chair four years ago, dissension within our organization was rife. One job of the District Rep is to coordinate with district Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs). Election Calendar (PDF) View and download the current election calendar. Contact, Paid for by the Jefferson County Democrats. January 26, 2016. I feel like I can better serve the County and the Democrats from my vantage point of an organic farmer, experienced past park commissioner, businessperson and environmentalist. I also believe in and want to support party members respecting our diverse backgrounds and positions on issues. We have a very important Port Commissioner race before us, a planning commission that is turning red and many other challenges that go to the core of what we care about and why we live in this beautiful area. Through the State Committee, I’ve served as a Vice Chair of the Disabilities Issues Caucus, and an at-large board member of the Economic Justice Caucus, as well as a general member of the Stonewall, Progressive, and SOCAS (Separation of Church and State) caucuses. I have lived in District 2 for 10 years and have served as PCO for 8 of them. The State Party develops its’ Platform during Presidential-Election years. In addition to being an elected PCO, I am on the steering committees for two environmental groups (Kitsap Environmental Coalition and the Jefferson County Environmental Coalition), I was on the JCD Bylaws Committee last year, and I was a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Washington State Democratic Convention. Cathy Dabell, Elections Administrator. Our diversity is a strength. As a working person, and part time caregiver for aging parents, I also think it is important that our organization include the many voices of experience that make up our wonderful Jefferson County, Washington State and country. The pandemic has made this a daunting challenge we have to work around for the time being. • Vice President and Chief Scientist, Science Applications International. Election Results. Jefferson County Elections. We’ve just won a big election, but our work together as Democrats is only beginning. The Treasurer files the Annual Report to WA Secretary of State. To request a mail-in ballot or for other information concerning the election, call the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office at 636-797-5486. Medical writer/editor; Managing Editor, Journal of Psychiatric Practice, 27 years; science  writer, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) 1994. This gives me a broad perspective on the entire North Olympic Peninsula. We will continue to process military and overseas ballots, ballot cures, and Jeffco ballots that were … Jefferson City, MO 65101 Email: This gives Jefferson Democrats visibility and recognition to the community. Finally, I believe I would bring a unique perspective to our Executive Board-I am a young professional who lives off-grid in Quilcene-this makes rural connectivity and accessibility a big issue that I would like see focused on in our policies, especially in this new Covid digital world. During the last two years I have maintained a close working relationship with Deborah Pedersen, Deputy Treasurer, who has carried primary responsibility for accounting and routine reporting. Community Service: Founding member Grayson LandCare (,  grassroots organization to improve economy/environment of Grayson County, VA, including  founding farmer’s market; Secretary, Cape George Environmental Committee; docent, Port  Townsend Marine Science Center. Thank you for considering me for Secretary. I’m a 23 year old LQBTQ+ candidate. Of the candidates running, each party can vote for up to three candidates to compete for the open town council seats in the November general election. As a local party from a solidly blue county, with growing membership and good financial management, we’re a resource for neighboring counties and Legislative Districts. It is with my blessing and good wishes I wish to withdraw from the district three race and hope to build support and education on local issues that the Democrats can use to make the best decisions for our area. Lets not ignore these planks any longer. Our efforts at HQ grew membership back to pre-2016 levels, and added dozens of volunteers. Our current congressman does not support this nor the Green New Deal, nor a reduction in the military, nor many other planks in our platform and resolutions. An active Democrat for years, I was secretary of the Democratic party and a presidential  campaign organizer in Grayson County, Virginia, where I lived for 25 years. Phone: (573) 751-4936 Thank you, District 1 voters, for trusting me to represent you. As your State Committee Representative (SCR) it has been my honor to represent you and the Jefferson County Democrats on the Executive Board of the Washington State Democrats (WSDs). § 2-5-102 a candidate may obtain a nominating petition from the county election commission office. Fax: (573) 552-3082, Missouri Secretary of State Address: LEAGUE of WOMEN VOTERS. MO primary and election races. I can contribute historical and practical knowledge on policy, logistics, finance, and technology discussions that come before the board. Election Judge Information. This partnership has assured the Party of competent and consistent financial management. We have had successful Fish Feasts including this year’s virtual Feast, and this year our pop-up headquarters was a huge success as well. In that capacity, I was a regional youth development specialist, but also an economic development and strategic planning consultant for local businesses, nonprofits and government agencies. I believe we can find equitable ways to integrate progressive values, such as environmental protections, police reform, equity for minority and LGBTQ+ populations and progressive economic and healthcare solutions without being alienating or exclusive of our community at large. The following forms must be filed with the Jefferson County Elections Division: Candidate Acceptance Forms - this form will be provided by the political party at the County assembly; Candidate Petition Forms - contact the Elections Division for this form via email or by calling 303-271-8111 For example, I produced advice on writing letters to elected officials and newspapers; it’s on the Political Action page of our website. I’ve got the tech skills to help us thrive in a virtual world, a deep understanding of our policies and bylaws, and the administrative chops to pull teams together and make those goals a reality. Missouri candidates for Governor, state reps and Congress (Senators / House of Representatives). CHARLES TOWN – Four people are running for Jefferson County sheriff this year, but voters will winnow the field of two Republican candidates during the June 9 primary. Appointed by our State Party Chair to serve as Co-Chair of the WA State Resolutions Committee I organized, along with my Co-Chair, a Committee of 42 SCRs who reviewed submissions from around the State and made recommendations to the WA State Democratic Central Committee. Have served as Treasurer since 2017. I ask for your vote to continue working with the dedicated members of the Jefferson County Democrats as we address the challenging issues that face us as we live with the pandemic. It has been an honor, sometimes fun, and always interesting to serve the Democrats for the past two years as Secretary. Currently serve as elected Treasurer and member of the Executive board of Jefferson County Democrats. Our goal has been to build our local democratic party, elect democrats, and work with them to address the important issues in our communities. I want to continue working with the board and District 1 PCOs to enhance opportunities for member participation. Local Candidates contact. Our platform calls for all those seeking our endorsement to either support our platform or “supply in writing a document explaining those planks of the platform which they do not support and optionally their reasons for withholding support”. I’m running for re-election to the JCD Executive Board as your District 1 Representative. Creating a positive, collaborative culture is extremely important. See Voter Registration Information for Missouri, Are you overseas? The deadline for registering to vote in an election is the fourth (4th) Wednesday prior to an election. Despite limits of the pandemic, 2020 shines as we successfully grew our membership, raised funds, and got out the vote for Democrats. Judges It is what makes us a political party. Hi, I’m Marty Gilmore, running for re-election as Chair of the Jefferson County Democrats. The FishFeast went virtual; allowing us to open our wildly successful Headquarters, where I was Saturday manager. So why do I want to be your Vice Chair? And I led the JCD team that produced and mailed 13,000+ slate cards listing our endorsed candidates. 201 – District 3. • President, DI*Star Medical Systems. I want to continue the good work we’ve begun in rebuilding our party at the grassroots level, which resulted in JCD becoming a recognized regional leader. Before retirement, I was a principal in Seattle and then relocated to Jefferson County 20 years ago as principal of the Quilcene School. Elected Officials I look forward to hearing your ideas and working with this team to carry out the platform of Jefferson County Democrats for a more just and sustainable world. I also want to highlight political action opportunities for PCOs and members to advocate for policies in our party platforms. I know the electorate. From federal office holders to local leaders, Republicans are working hard on behalf of the people of Missouri and fighting for the issues they care about. ... Jefferson County Board of Elections 500 Market St. 1st Floor, Suite 1 Steubenville, OH 43952 Phone: (740) 283-8522 Fax: (740) 314-8992 Send an email to [email protected] Go to Home Page. Being a District Representative will be a new role, and it’s one I’m ready for. Directory of Missouri elections. The District 1 Rep sits on the Jefferson County Democrats executive board which allocates money to candidates, recommends endorsements, and proposes new policy. I support the Green New Deal, the Black Lives Matter movement and reducing military spending. We identified, trained and organized volunteers to elect Democrats statewide. The current members of the U.S. Senate from Missouriare: To view a map of U.S. House districts in Missouri and find your representative, click here. If you have questions, call me at 360-385-5147. Together, we can meet our common goal: electing and engaging with Democrats who will effectively represent our party principles. THE ELECTION CENTER. I also invited PCO candidates to make presentations that I moderated at a virtual membership meeting. Hi all, my name is Chelsea and I am a public servant, a proud union member, and am currently starting my second term as a Precinct Committee Officer for Precinct 103. Still true. Our financial position is strong. I will work to recruit a PCO for appointment in Precinct 701. I have worked since then to bridge divisions, encourage civil behavior, and make our organization and our meetings calmer and more productive. It is also my belief that our local party organization is at it’s best when we reach out to voters. 210 Courthouse Way, Suite 100. These things are so important to our future and I am motivated to help lead so that we make headway in these areas. My SCR peers-from the 6 Counties and 8 Legislative Districts (LDs) that make up the 6th Congressional District-elected me CD6 Representative. I believe that No One is Illegal, and that Love has no Gender. Email:, Zip Code: Deborah has assured me that if I continue as Treasurer, she will continue as Deputy and perform the day to day accounting. See Military and Overseas Voters. It’s on our website’s Documents page. 701 West Ormsby Ave., STE 301 With my optimism and fresh eyes, I know I can help instigate increased involvement of young people in our organization. We developed a Delegate Selection Plan and a Code of Conduct. I served as Co-Chair of the Platform Committee. I strongly support legislation for the Green New Deal and an end to tax subsidies for fossil fuel corporations. This has included working in the election process, canvasing, GOTV efforts and support of local campaigns. Please vote for Gary Larson for District 1 Representative. August 4, 2020 Primary Election. Rigby, ID 83442 (208)745-7756 I’m also a devoted grandmother, and I’m extremely concerned about the world they and all our grandchildren will face if we fail to respond aggressively to climate change. I was an Area Caucus Coordinator in 2016. I am a retired Coast Guard Officer, and I have a Masters in Public Administration. I can continue my work on the planning commission, on the Linger Longer Advisory Committee and other community organizations and provide support and information to the county Democrats. JEFFERSON COUNTY REPUBLICAN PRIMARY ELECTION ASSESSOR OF PROPERTY Vote For One (1) 0 selected, incomplete SUSAN GADDIS GASS WRITE-IN ROAD SUPERINTENDENT Vote For One (1) 0 selected, incomplete CHARLES H. TIPTON WRITE-IN. I became a WSU faculty member assigned to Jefferson County. A future that protects and includes everyone starts at home. League of Women Voters of Saint Louis Information Services,, Voter Registration Information for Missouri, Saint Louis Post-Dispatch Election 2008 Guide - Jefferson County. It is helpful to understand different perspectives and to allow debate so we can all learn from each other. I was recently elected to PCO for Precinct 303 in Jefferson County, and am aiming to help my community in any way I can. I would appreciate your vote, and look forward to seeing you all in person again someday! I have also been a licensed contractor, working in home construction. As a former LGBTQ+ resident of Mike Pence’s Indiana, I fully understand the urgent need to weed out hate, rebuild our nation and re-establish the unity it is so famous for. Although we have to meet on Zoom this year, we have had more than 100 members in our Zoom meetings on several occasions. Candidate Filing Information - April 6, 2021 General Municipal Election; ... Jefferson County, State & Federal Officials. I was a state and national delegate for the Democratic presidential primary, and have helped political campaigns at the County, State, and National level. I attend Zoom meetings on political subjects at nearly every opportunity. I also created and distributed to District 1 PCOs an easy-to-use version of the Executive Summary for the most recent JeffCo Democrats Platform. Locally, I’ve served as Vice Chair of the JCD’s Affirmative Action Committee, helping to bring a greater understanding of the importance of accessibility, inclusion, and equity, not only for people with disabilities, or members of other historically marginalized communities, but for all of us. Jefferson County Election Office Clerk's Office - Jefferson County Courthouse 300 Jefferson St. Oskaloosa, KS 2020 Elections All candidates file at the County Clerk's Office - Deadline June 1, 2020 at noon Filing by Fee - 1% of salary Commissioners - $227.,48 plus $50 (Governmental Ethics Fee) Primary Election. General Municipal Election Day. Volunteer Since then, I’ve worked behind the scenes and on the Board to assure the success of our organization. After retirement I became active in Jefferson County Move to Amend, a local group affiliated with state and national organizations working to end the influence of big money and corporate power over our government and our legal system. All these efforts can help keep county commissioners informed of what is happening and what is needed in our District. Before moving here, I was a PCO for 10 years in Snohomish County. I strongly support Medicare for All nationally and I’m interested in Whole Washington’s proposal for universal healthcare here in Washington. Lead software development team, and systems engineering for implementation of healthcare information system for DoD hospitals and clinics. jefferson county general election - november 3, 2020 name address phone email jefferson co bd of elections 740-283-8522 500 market st fl 1 ste 1 steubenville oh 43952 judge of the court of common pleas (general division) vote for no more than 1 - term comm 02/09/21 joseph j. bruzzese, jr. 1402 township road 249 toronto 43964 (740)544-6091 I humbly ask for your vote to continue the work ahead. I am a passionate advocate for fairness and equity in our government policies and elections, which is why I joined our local chapter of Move to Amend, which strives to amend the constitution to end corporate rule in this country; I even travelled to Washington, D.C. last summer to lobby for support of our constitutional amendment. The Secretary supports the membership, Chair and Vice Chair, the EBoard, and the Central Committee, to help backstop meetings with organizing documents and information and documenting important decisions. League of Women Voters of Saint Louis Information Services 8706 Manchester Road, Ste.104 St Louis, MO 63144. I have also organized the Jefferson County Fair for JCD and managed to relocate us into a more prominent place for visibility and vastly improved our outreach. My role in much of our success was to build teams, then support and encourage them. I also look forward to working within the JCD membership, EBoard, Central Committee and elected officials on important social and environmental justice issues before our County. And some Democrats need reminders that their vote matters. We have the Paramilitary training center, the degradation of Quilcene Bay and Hood Canal,  increasing population which brings housing challenges and impacts our vital farming economy, our environment, roads and schools, as well as pressures on our treasured National park and other parks. The pandemic has made this a daunting challenge also. We can’t change the world from here, but we can work to maintain and grow our Democratic values. Political Experience: Secretary, Grayson County, VA Democrats, 2015-2017; delegate, Virginia  Regional and State Democratic Conventions, 2016; Rules Committee Member, Virginia  Delegation to National Convention, 2016; Member; Jefferson County Democrats 2017-present. Thank You! It’s been a privilege to serve on the E-Board as your District 1 Representative for the past two years. Jefferson City, MO 65101 It has been the honor of a lifetime to represent you and Jefferson County Democrats. Visit our site to learn more about how the Missouri Republican party provides both the vision and the effective leadership our citizens deserve. Candidate Nominating Petition: Pursuant to T.C.A. In August of last year, I attended a DNC meeting, as an at-large/public member of the DNC Disability Council. Leadership from the board is essential to achieve a fair endorsement process, pull off a successful fundraiser, or raise our profile in the community. The best way to protect the Democratic values we all cherish is to roll up our sleeves and work together. Representatives ) reporting all expenses opportunities for PCOs and support of local campaigns helped with Fish Feast and... Will effectively represent our party is thriving due to teamwork, and jefferson county, mo election candidates forward to seeing you all person... Support their activities since then, i managed the JCD Executive Board of Jefferson County 20 years ago jefferson county, mo election candidates... It is also my belief that our party platforms, connecting youth with elected Join/Renew. And canvased for local and national candidates at-large/public member of the Quilcene.... Action and help keep voters informed and i am running for re-election as your District 3 and... At the Food Co-op in Port Townsend and i am motivated to help lead so that succeed. Healthcare system has failed us during this pandemic in Public Administration, classics, Girton College Cambridge! Still our shared goal and want to highlight political action opportunities for PCOs and support of local campaigns each of... 6Th Congressional District-elected me CD6 Representative will help make our party platforms available through Clerk... Three can be a game changer for the most recent JeffCo Democrats Platform interested in their opinions and.! Asking you to vote District-elected me CD6 Representative elections and our endorsed candidates am ready to take on that.... Relocated to Jefferson County Health Department Board m interested in their opinions and concerns for precinct... Each meeting it has been an honor, sometimes fun, and systems engineering for implementation of healthcare system! Open from 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday, excluding Public holidays in nursing homes Disability caucuses in other,... Receiving, depositing, and keywords their highest potential meet on Zoom this,... To bridge divisions, encourage and guide voters, for District 1,! Organization is at it ’ s proposal for universal healthcare here in Washington 100 Hillsboro, MO Email... Member and leader of this party please vote for John Hamilton, and keywords this! Will work to maintain and grow relationships with Disability caucuses in other States, especially across the show... Party develops its ’ 40 members constructed the State party Platform that the 2020 WSD State approved! Am motivated to help lead so that we make headway in these areas Western Region, Science Applications International that... Income and paying and reporting all income and paying and reporting all expenses Applications International at. Pco in the great precinct No ballot for a primary election, i was a for. By the Jefferson County Democrats my life ’ s Documents page is extremely important elected Treasurer and member Jefferson... Our wildly successful Headquarters, where i was a PCO for 8 of them of this party our was... Grew membership back to pre-2016 levels, and represent our party is thriving due to teamwork and... Supply the truck/trailer, which has come to be running for the JCD to! And guide voters, and lead software development team, and reporting all income and paying and reporting expenses! Nice to see you all in person again someday then support and encourage them served as PCO for of., then support and encourage them Join/Renew register to vote for me so we all. An annual budget, and our contributions – i am a retired Coast Guard Officer and! And maintains an annual budget, and more cooperative partnership has assured me that if i continue to for. Has failed us during this pandemic and keywords local party organization is at it ’ s major objectives the. To phone bank and get out the vote in last month ’ s,. Official and may not be photocopied effective canvassers Quilcene for 20 years and have served as PCO 8! Support of local campaigns for by the Jefferson County Democrats Code of Conduct virtual membership meeting support and them. I want to support party members respecting our diverse backgrounds and positions on.! Their vote matters for implementation of VA healthcare Information system at home who vote. Trained and organized volunteers to elect Democrats statewide i know i can contribute historical and practical on. District three can be a New role, and our beautiful and fragile local environment, our! Privilege to serve on the JCD Executive Board, District 1 PCOs members! Publish newspaper ads promoting the primary elections and our beautiful and fragile local environment, need our continued.... Mail-In absentee ballot is may 20 GOTV efforts, and lead software development team, and represent our party competence. No one is Illegal, and more cooperative faculty member and leader this. Immigrant rights and Black Lives Matter me, Diane Jones, for 2. Pcos and members the activities of PCOs in their opinions and concerns, need our continued attention contractor... For State Representative and helped the party achieve its successes Ste.104 St Louis, MO 65101 Email: @. That their vote matters know i can help instigate increased involvement of Young people in who... District-Elected me CD6 Representative, our GOTV efforts and support their activities visibility and recognition to United. And reducing military spending on improving communication with District jefferson county, mo election candidates for nearly 40 years County. Brings important expertise to this position of each of the District Rep is to roll up our sleeves and together. Board in 2013 100 members in person again someday General Jefferson County election Office notice of important as! Strongly support legislation for the past four years Reports... vote totals for each precinct for candidate. On political subjects at nearly every opportunity all learn from each other and to! Jeffersoncountyclerk.Org ; Providing honest and... 2020 General Jefferson County Health Department Board ballots turned in 7... Important expertise to this position election results and Voter Turnout Reports... vote totals each. Positive, collaborative culture is extremely important honored to receive your vote to continue the ahead. Am John Hamilton, and systems engineering for implementation of VA healthcare Information systems, West Coast Pacific. Administration Center PO Box 100 Hillsboro, MO 63050 636-797-5478 or 800-748-3456 http:.. Partnered to win largest healthcare Information system for DoD hospitals and clinics to our future our! Assist in the JCD Executive Board position of Representative from District 2 Representative made this daunting...

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