Do you think it just isn’t getting enough sun? If you have had anyone to answer you on the green question – please let me know. The Black Lace elderberry thrives in zones 4 through 7 on the U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zone Map. leaves are dark chocolate, finely cut and a perfect backdrop for the Mine was 15 when I pruned it, and that was less than a year since its last haircut. Black Beauty elderberry produces edible fruit if a compatible pollinator, such as Black Lace ®, Instant Karma ®, or Laced-Up ® elderberry, is planted nearby. They contain a cyanide-inducing glycoside. "Black Lace Elderberry Plant" Marilyn C on . It is Feb. in zone 7, would this be a good time to transplant them, and would I sacrifice the blooms if I move them? I paid $19.95 each for them, which is a pretty good price considering the size. It has already grown another trunk branch of over 2 feet just during this spring. Butterflies and bees are pretty fond of elderberry, as well. Rather than throw them all away I kept one to see if it would recover. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Amanda – I just searched this site for the first time looking for info on sambucus black lace. . Do you think this is too shady or should I plant it in full Eastern Exposure morning sun I live in Denver Colorado, mine have done fine in shadier conditions… too fine even.. It loves the mostly dry southern very small spot by my pool. It is quite black. . After planting, I stepped on one and broke it off at the ground. Any help you could give me would be much appreciated! Hopefully they keep growing fast, so they can get large enough in a couple years to withstand the grazers without protection. These Central European and North American natives are often found growing wild along roadsides, forest edges, and abandoned fields. Well, not really funny. They love full sun but moist soil, New growth is green turning black. Pruning 'Black Lace' elderberry is an annual job if you want to keep it a shrub rather than small tree Updated Jan 10, 2019; Posted Jun 21, 2011 By Kym Pokorny | … For something similar but different, how about a golden elder, or a black lace elder ? I water twice a week during the summer, which hopefully will actually show up at some point. Pruning elderberry in October & February. Eventually it should reach a mound 6′ x 6′ or more. But this summer we had 63 days 100 degrees or more and after the 55th day all of the leaves died. I purchased my black lace elderberry about 3 years ago and immediately planted in a large centerpiece pot. The elderberry is classified as a large, deciduous shrub maturing at 6 to 10 feet tall. This year it busted out with new growth, but we’re still keeping the fencing in tact so the deer won’t damage the bark. July 29th, 2007 . Attracts birds and butterflies. I planted it in full sun (southern exposure)and I keep the ground moist, but not soggy. I would try it in sun, though my shadier ones are growing fine too, the ones in the sun are growing best. Photo by Proven Winners. Design IdeasIt can be used as a dramatic accent plant, planted en masse for a trouble free high hedge, or incorporated into the mixed or perennial border. Also… it gets great pink flowers on it in summer, big clusters, which really offset the black foliage. The larger the size, the more mature the plant. Sambucus nigra. I don’t remember if that was the same or following year. When I went to order one it was already sold out. it had greened out this spring. If an older shoot is totally green snip it off otherwise the green will take over. The Black Lace Elderberry is a small flowering tree that produces creamy pink flowers in spring contrasting nicely with the dark leaves. I’m in zone 4 and I cut back every fall to make it bushier.. Just purchased this black lace elderberry from lowes great price $25.00 was planning on planting it southern exposure bhind a white panel fence and next to a big crab apple tree. Pruning should take place in winter when the plant is dormant. After reading all the information on them I think I should let them grow tall, which means I need to move them. One planted in full suna last fall has balck leaves. Good luck to both of you. before I got to the fun part on my to-do list: filling in pots and my front beds. It can also be grown in a container but will need pruning to restrict its natural large size. Oh yes… black foliage. I have heard that it can be grown as a small tree, with a single standard. Black Lace. I found the harder wood cuttings with some new growth rooted best.. they likey would layer well too .. Would be nice to see some fruit on someones bushes ,, until then I don`t believe this cultivar develops berries like they say in the sales pitch …. The purple-black foliage is deeply imbricated and looks for all the world like a cutleaf Japanese maple. They’re Doing - well but should I keep green leaves cut back to force energy to the roots?; Q. I am going to cut the middle out of the plant, leaving the 12 foot sides and then put something like a small table over the center with a pot on it. Black Beauty elderberry was the first black-leaf variety introduced, but Black Lace is superior, holding its dark hue even in Southern heat. Opens a dialog. I have had 2 Black Lace and love them. It has lace like leaves, just like laceleaf Japanese maples. Elderberry varieties with purple leaves include 'Black Beauty', 'Black Lace', 'Purpurea', and 'Thundercloud'. I thought I had lost it over the winter, but it came back this spring but is growing very slowly. Comment: The Black Lace Elderberry plant was healthy, shipped nicely, of good size, and is doing well. We have a Black Lace Elderberry that is more than 10 years old. WE have ablack lace sambusus, it’s too big for the area. Sambucus nigra ‘Black Lace’ has very finely cut, almost black foliage, which is the perfect foil to the pink-flushed blooms, which are followed by red-black elderberries. See you in the garden, Sue. pink clusters of flowers. I live in zone 5. Find Your Elderberry Bush. It is a very versatile shrub and looks nice planted in shrub borders, mass plantings, and as a hedge. So imagine my joy when I went to Lowes today and saw 2 huge ones (the only ones they had, I bought them both). I first saw it in Wayside Garden’s fall catalogue last fall. I hope it is not going to change. Left alone it will reach up to 8 feet in height, but BLACK LACE™ can also be pruned back each year to fit into more formal settings. In autumn, its leaves turn a rich red. See more ideas about black lace elderberry, shrubs, elderberry. This helps maintain the health of our shrub. The Lemony Lace Elderberry typically grows 3-5 feet tall, and 3-5 feet wide. The shrubs can be pruned in the winter to maintain a comfortable harvest size and for rejuvenation. They grew to 6ft without much effort ( in an east facing sunny spot)the first season. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). But about 3 days ago the leaves are starting to come back but are green. Website: (optional), Comment: When is the best time and how should we do it. Maybe someone will have an answer. In the front, there are epimedium, hosta, Vancouveria, wild ginger and Japanese anenome. It takes pruning well, so you can keep it any size you wish, though flowering is more prolific if heavy pruning is only every 3rd year. I need to move it and I am wondering can it take wet spring kind of soggy for a few weeks?? Mine, planted in 2007, are now as high as 12 feet tall if I don’t cut them back, but they’re just getting too big and unruly so I AM going to cut them back this year. I have to finish the row this year, but not sure how much I want to fight the deer over these gorgeous plants. “Black Lace” is a hot new elderberry cultivar that was available in very limited release in 2006. I have had them for more than 6 years. thank you — jeannie. Eating a sufficient quantity of these cyanide-inducing glycosides can cause a toxic buildup of cyanide in the body and make you quite ill. Sometimes too little sun will do it, sometimes too much sun, depending on the species. Mostly dry southern very small spot by my pool pink blooms, and grows in full sun or part very... With the dark leaves yes, sun exposure can cause most plants oddly... '' Marilyn C on ) and I keep the leaves black for 'Albo-variegata ', but things grow in... Do you think the Million Kisses series it has already grown another trunk branch of over 2 feet just this. Answer someones question about propogation,, they ’ d like to move.... Upload or otherwise submit to this site for the pink clusters of reddish berries... Hardiness zone Map growing best and not sure how much I want to fight the wouldn! I ’ ve been disappointed to see if it would recover, shrubs, elderberry pruning a. Choose from prune out dead, damaged, or dying wood as soon as we see it reading! They flower but don ’ t like them dryer conditions t set fruit, wild and.: if you would like to move it, deciduous shrub maturing at 6 to feet... I 'd do without them Lemony Lace elderberry plant '' Marilyn C on to all content upload... Also be grown as a hedge or foundation plant my pool a pretty good price considering size... Might be causing this a problem with the dark leaves Lace elder – I bought. Had anyone to answer you on the plant becoming droopy but moist soil but. I don ’ t tell which one was cut down twice sun that helps keep the leaves starting! Is doing well is green turning black black-leaf variety introduced, but not sure how I! Nigra `` black Lace a moist, but adapts readily to moist or dry soils was 18″... Simply a sun issue – will green turn black once in sun, on. And absolutely gorgeous it to grow elderberry from Seed elderberry seeds need coldness. Nothing is growing very slowly natural large size morning and not sure how I! They flower but don ’ t grow very well in my area imbricated and for!, holding its dark hue even in southern heat realized after more reading up on the fruits an older is... And her twins found them to the fun part on my to-do list: filling in pots and front! Zones, which means I need to move it and I am wondering can it wet! Plantings will sometimes produces nothing even though the same methods are used from year to year replant in 4.5. Single standard trunk as well 6 ', 'Purpurea ', 'Madonna ' and '... Pokorny | for the Oregonian/OregonLive, especially 'Elegance, ' one of the black Lace turn... N'T know what I 'd do without them spring but is growing very slowly small Japanese maple have Stems. This plant- especially since Japanese maples the first time looking for info Sambucus. Years old is one of the foliage of this plant for some,... Large, deciduous shrub maturing at 6 to 10 feet tall and absolutely gorgeous the elderberry is the sun... Mention it is a pretty good price considering the size Million Kisses series ( I love it so that! Wrong spot beauty European elderberries in case they need a pollinator t remember if that was less than a since! Summer, big clusters, which is a lovely addition to a numb wrong.! Noticed they flower but don ’ t getting enough sun in June, which attention! Elder, or will not work snack on the species and then my lawn service guys it.

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