The first aircraft had two wings made of light weight wood frames with cloth skins, held apart by wires and struts. The upper wing and the struts 1 This chapter is based in part on [Cunningham, et al]. Inboard of the strut/wing junction, the upper member is loaded in compression in upright (positive G) flight and the lower member is loaded in compression. The increased use of composites and the combining of materials should make airmen vigilant for wings spars made from a variety of materials. After the blanks are made, the wing templates can be aligned on them and the airfoil can be cut. Currently, most manufactured aircraft have wing spars made of solid extruded aluminum or aluminum extrusions riveted together to form the spar. 36-inch Rubber Pad Press Airplane wings are made out of a specific type of aluminum, an alloy that offers a combination of lightness and strength comparable to steel that makes for easy flying. US20060145010A1 US11/297,612 US29761205A US2006145010A1 US 20060145010 A1 US20060145010 A1 US 20060145010A1 US 29761205 A US29761205 A US 29761205A US 2006145010 A1 US2006145010 A1 US 2006145010A1 Authority US United States Prior art keywords wing spar cover airplane welding Prior art date 2004-12-07 Legal status (The legal status is an … Understanding Air at the Molecular Level. The Aeroplane Factory's Rubber Pad Press has a 36" square lower platen and is capable of producing over 600 tons of pressure. The wing spar and the strut system form a triangle in the front view. 2. The hot wire follows along the template edge and cuts out the wing. removed. Wing root cross section of tested segment was extruded 750 mm in direction of removed outer spar. The work reported in the Most modern planes are made mostly of aircraft aluminum. The pylon (and the wing) must be very strong, since an engine can weigh up to 10,000 pounds. ... A jet engine is mounted to the airplane wing with a pylon. Or at least are skinned in aluminum. The parts of a jet engine—they can number 25,000—are made in various ways. 14). Airplane wings, designed as airfoils, achieve this by interacting with the remote airflow to produce the desired lift. The cooperation of Vought Aircraft and Boeing Commercial Airplane Company is gratefully acknowledged. Figure 8 shows examples of metal wing spar cross-sections. The process of removing and reattaching air and electrical cables – referred to as roots and vines – can take almost as long as the assembly process for each station. While the idea of folding wings is not new – and was studied on the XB-70 Valkyrie aircraft back in the 1960s – it is usually achieved using a bulky arrangement of motors and hydraulic systems that can weigh down the aircraft. Using a Hot Wire Bow the wings are cut based on the template shape. The fan blade is made by shaping molten titanium in a hot press. An example is a wing whose tips can be moved up and down during flight. The Irkut MC-21 is being manufactured by United Aircraft Corp. (Moscow, Russia) for the Russian market. The new wing part was used for clamping of the prototype during a static test of experimental wing (Fig. The spars and cross members may be made of other materials but I am under the impression they are mainly aluminum as well. Generally high stress areas like wing/fuselage joints may be made of more rigid materials like steel. This means that on a high-wing airplane, the wing spar is … Air is composed of molecules moving randomly at high speeds. A constant laminate thickness was used over wing span to simplified manufacturing process of wing segment prototype. With respect to airplane wings, these molecules exert a force on the airfoil, whenever they come in contact with it. This press is capable of forming aircraft parts such as wing ribs as well as horizontal and vertical stabilizer ribs and caps or any other part that will fit within the lower platen dimensions. Its wings are fabricated by AeroComposit (Moscow) using a Solvay Composite Materials single-component resin system.

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