Ghana is a West African nation bordered by Ivory Coast to the west, Togo to the east, Burkina Faso to the north and Gulf of Guinea to the south.. Initially settled by Africans, Ghana was occupied by Europeans since 1492, but it … She gained her independence on March 6, 1957. Ghana Facts – Facts about Ghana Summary Facts about Ghana tell us that it is home to the largest open air market in West Africa, and is a place of religious fairness and tolerance. Also known simply as Ghana, it is located 322 km (200 miles) north of modern Bamako, Mali. Ghana is known for a rich tradition of graphic arts. It was known as the Wagadugu Empire and the name “Ghana” was the title given to the rulers of the kingdom. Despite all those challenges, Ghana today is considered by international community among those few African nations which are likely to join the rank of developed countries in the observable future. As Ghana grew richer it extended its political control, strengthening its position as an entrepôt by absorbing lesser states. Formerly known as ‘Gold Coast’, Ghana has interesting things to offer to the world. Ghana has a very hot climate as it is near to the equator. The Ashanti Empire was a major African kingdom that occupied the land that now belongs to present-day Ghana and also included some other territories. Ghana is the second-largest supplier of cocoa to the global market—cocoa beans from Ghana make up about 25 percent of the global supply. Ghana is known for in Ghana. Wood carving is perhaps the most important. Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop, Teshie Road, Accra, Ghana, +233 024 411 4719 Cape Coast Castle Tour this well-preserved slave fort for a haunting reminder of Ghana's role in the brutal transatlantic trade.. St George's Castle This Medieval castle and former slave fort was the first European building constructed in West Africa.. National Museum Exhibitions detail Ghana's cultural and archeological history. A Little History. Two of the most famous people to come from the country are John Dumelo and Kofi Annan. The focus of the craft is on the production of stools that are carved whole from large logs to assume the form of abstract designs or animals. The country is widely known … Facts About Ghana's Culture, Geography, and History. The Seat Of The Ashanti Empire . These motifs generally represent proverbial sayings. Ancient Ghana was located hundreds of miles to the north of present-day Ghana between the Senegal and Niger rivers. The Empire is one of the most internationally famous African … Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast, was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to gain her independence from colonialism. These fantasy coffins, as they are known, are made by skilled artisans and take up to a couple of months to complete then can be shipped to anywhere in the world in preparation of one’s final departure.

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