Thus, the chapter in warfare is also as calculating and as dedicated of an opponent, striking where it cost the most to the enemy than of the chapter itself, ensuring total destruction, seldom caught unawares and seemingly always ready to retaliate the enemy commanders movements in mere moments of its execution, as a result of this strategy, the chapter suffered very little casualties to any engagement they are called upon and providing them the means of having extremely battle hardened warriors, veterans of many battles in their arsenal. His hair was like spun gold and his skin was unblemished save for a tiny horned birthmark on the back of his neck. Specialty The Honor Guard of the Chapter. As an initiate they are taught time and again until in their ascension as a true Space Marine, that in war, the complete eradication of the enemy is the only one true answer of ending the threat to all of humanity, it is the only victory that the chapter accepts, and to ensure that it would happen, the chapter always would extensively plan any engagement and assault, weighing the odds, scouring millions upon millions of data, numbers, statistics and orbital scans, they discuss how to minimize casualties of any Imperial force that would be within the engagement zone and maximize their adversaries lost as much as possible and solving any problems on the battlefield inside the war room before actually doing and executing it on the field, a practice honed and perfected through the shedding of much of their own blood and their enemies. After the 3rd battle of Stanium though. Here you can find the bits for all the Hedonites of Slaanesh range, like the Daemonettes of Slaanesh, Hellstriders of Slaanesh, Seekers of Slaanesh or the Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh. He is a sculptor, not one of the writers. More reason he isn't a GK. When fired, each bolt becomes imbued with a portion of a Grey Knight's innate psychic power, causing it to glow with an eerie blue light, and strike home with significantly greater force than an ordinary round of its type. Counterpoint: Jes Goodwin let slip that it was a Grey Knight in one of his early voxcast interviews. *The sword he has is only described as having warding runes on it. So far there is only one brother which was given with this task that had returned, though he had returned and had his five hundred thousand trophies, ranging from astartes and guardsman helmets to weapons and armor with some even still have fresh blood stains in it, along with eighteen other armor which the artificers and armorers of the chapter recognizes as their work and owned by the chapter itself, but these armors were handed down to the brothers who had taken the Death oath to the Eye themselves, the lone brother who bought this relics back, mysteriously died on the return trip telling no tale of the events that had passed on the journey he embarked as the craft was intact and not severely damaged with no signs of a fight inside it as well as a fully functioning, undamaged and working gellar field generator and leaving only a great mystery upon his discovery. Chapter Master These new breed of marines were welcomed by the chapter with a mix of caution and thanks and then, during the time the Primaris Marines and their allies again dropped from the sky and attacked and burned to the ground the traitor forces and the last of their holds in the world. So it's likely that whatever grudge it has is with Slaanesh only. May the Emperor save your lost soul.". Exterminatus. Aelius Blade - Named after the old terran name for Sun, this relic blade was made with mixing micro folded adamantium into its core and the blades tip itself while its power field, uniquely after its completion, emits a strong bright fiery color unlike the usual blue hue of other power weapons, hence it was named Aelios Blade. The marines of the chapter in its weakest and strongest are men of both precision and discipline, which stems from the start of the chapters baptism of fire up to this day. Battle of Grave Core - Undated, Pyrrhic Imperial Victory, the Raven Guard gifted the artificer wrought jump-pack Abyssal Wings along with some other vehicles as a token of friendship and appreciation to the Chapter for it's immense help and noted sacrifices in saving some of their trapped chapter brothers. Shortly after the Battle of Skalathrax that saw the World Eaters and Emperor's Children Legions shattered, a mysterious, unidentified figure known only as the "Silver Knight of Slaanesh" gathered some of the most mentally stable members of the Emperor's Children and gave them a single directive, ordered by Slaanesh herself: "Restore the lost glory of the Laer." Unknown Only the half of the 1st, 5th, 6th and 10th company remained on Stanium with the order to rebuild the chapter and strengthen the planetary defenses at once, when the first communication of engagement reaches the planet. These dead marines and their wargear were then put into stasis deep below the vaults of the Chapter Barque Dawn of Pride under the close watch of Chaplain Virtius Corrintus himself. Apothecary Cresthammer dedicated all his life and time in developing potential toxins and viruses that can fight the Tyranids no matter how quickly they change, that he did not hesitate to be indoctrinated to the Long Watch where he served honorably and after sometime and his return to the chapter, he bought his immense knowledge with his work with Master Apothecary Kregor Thann to the task at hand and helped develop continued and friendly communications to the Ultramarines that bought the creation of the Chapters own version of their Tyrannic War Veterans formation. It is said to have the last piece of the Power Armor of the last Astral Knights Chapter Master as well as the last piece of cloth of the banner of the chapter that was recovered from the battlefield itself. Even with the events that took place which bothered the chapter most, they remained vigilant and the planet ever more made secure, PDF and SDF forces of Stanium building up the defenses and their force and with hearing a Primarchs return, a revered legend of a lost millennia, of a far distant memory only the dead remembers, Stanium and its populace now stand strong and ready to fight for the darkest hours that might and will come on their way. He was then sent off from the fortress as he was found that he is in doubt of humanity and himself and is then instructed that to return once he had found himself and his trust to humanity, Emperors servants and the people he sacrificed and gave so much with or commit to a warriors death. Scout Verian Heran - A brilliant scout marine sent by the chapter master himself on a secret quest to a distant planet on behalf of the Inquisitor ally they are linked to. Make a claim gotta have a source. Upon the chapter master's arrival almost all men, women and children present were awed and immediately knelt and bowed, others collapsed where they stood and some even wept tears but this was not permitted by the chapter master and asked them to rise for he is not the Lord of the world, the Lord of the people and so shall they would not bow in respect to him, all those who had, reluctantly and with extreme effort in doing so, stood and watched as the great warrior, a legend came to life to their eyes, strode towards their respective kings, who were both a mixture of calmness and uneasiness, The chapter master then gestured all to listen, as servo-skulls with laud hailers and holographic projectors spread among those who are present and beyond and asked for the kings to sit and to commence the talks and meetings. Dangerous Night - The ship that bought the Primaris Marines into the chapter as well as their wargear and other equipment's of war. This lies in the number of ancient war relics the Silver Knights is known to possess, such as the Fellblade super-heavy tank and at least two other super-heavy tanks. Free shipping for order over 45€! (Every GK is permanently mind wiped when becoming a GK). Sigvald was once the son of a powerful northern warlord-king whose dark desires led him to carnal and unnatural acts. Battle of Veries Sage - Undated, Imperial Retreat. From a young age, he is seen to have quite the affinity towards technology and after his indoctrination to the chapter and his subsequent rise to the ranks this gift has not gone unnoticed and after being sent by the Chapter for training in the hands of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Elenziare returned as a Techmarine that rivaled the Master of the Forge's knowledge in the span of only 70 years. The chapter master chooses himself among the candidates those who are worthy for the long watch, who show exemplary dedication and skill at combating Xenos threats that arises or by direct and bold request to the chapter master to be chosen as one and it is treated as one of the highest honor one could get within the chapter, second only to be with the Honor Guard itself. And with it the ship jumped into the warp with the 16 space marines on board and it is now believed and still is by the chapter that one day, the lost platoon will make its way back to the materium, victorious and pure. But he doesn't have the equipment or show the abilities of a Grey Knight. It is also said that the fortress can take a whole damage and intensity of an exterminatus, only to be half destroyed, and can attack of a level of a moving battle fleet in land, a feat no other can imagine of doing. Two, of the Seven Word Bearer ships that escaped were finally hunted down near the world of Everion IV, the ships were captured and subsequently destroyed with the heads of not less than 100 chaos space marines. The chapter also practices duels for setting disputes though it is rare, is much like of the Imperial Fist but the loser is, in accordance to Stanium culture, must leave to live with the masses for three years, stripped of his gear and name, to find his errors and himself or commit death in the process if he should not find it. The return of the crusading company to the chapter and the arrival of the new breed of Space marines, the Primaris Marines and the formation of the Black Armored Noctis Militares and the order of the Silver Knights Chapter Master for the chapter to cease any form of action across the Imperium with the exception of the Noctis Militares and of orders given given by him alone and the chapter is to focus only on rebuilding itself and their ravaged planet and defenses for one thousand years or less depending on the speed the chapter could recover itself. The Slaanesh Subjugator is a Daemon Engine of Slaanesh.This giant walker is incredibly swift, able to move quickly and still use its weapons. An extinct ritual of the Silver Knights that is revived and is now practiced solely by the 10th company. The Chapter also uses a sizable fleet of Fire Raptor gunships, a specialized variant of the Storm Eagle. Seventh Son - Gladius Class Frigate (Destroyed M36), Invasion Of Ice - Hunter Class Destroyer (Destroyed M36), Soul Thunder - Vanguard Cruiser (Destroyed M36), Zealous Guardian - Strike Cruiser (Destroyed M39), Shadow Soul - Gladius Class Frigate (Destroyed M39), Glorious Heavenly - Strike Cruiser (Destroyed M39), Hero Of Nightmare - Hunter Class Destroyer (Destroyed M39), Heavenly Squadron - Nova Class Frigate (Destroyed M39), Swift Silver - Nova Class Frigate (Destroyed M39), Crusader Destroyer - Rapid Strike Vessel (Destroyed M39), Armor of Silvers - Nova Class Frigate (Destroyed M42), Enchanted Sword - Nova Class Frigate (Destroyed M41), Avenger Of Void - Nova Class Frigate (Destroyed M42), Eternal Inferno - Nova Class Frigate (Destroyed M42), Underworld Of Fable - Hunter Class Destroyer (Destroyed M42), Fire Of Avenger - Hunter Class Destroyer (Destroyed M41), Striding Domination - Hunter Class Destroyer (Destroyed M41), Wandering Sword - Gladius Class Frigate (Destroyed M42), Arm Of Fire - Gladius Class Frigate (Destroyed M41), Invader Guard - Gladius Class Frigate (Destroyed M42), Heavenly Night - Rapid Strike Vessel (Destroyed M42), Silver Executive - Rapid Strike Vessel (Destroyed M41), Dawn of Crusader - Vanguard Cruiser (Destroyed M41), Mysterious Mentor - Strike Cruiser (Destroyed M42), Silvered Blade - Strike Cruiser (Destroyed M41), Conquerors Will - Vanguard Cruiser (Destroyed M41), Dark Pursuit - Vanguard Cruiser (Destroyed M42), Watcher of Chaos - Battle Barge (Destroyed M41).

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